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Username: Soto  
Character: Soto (A)
Realm & Rank: Shadow Council-US (#96)
Pets Collected: 563/939
Pets Rated: 86/959 — Appearance
4/939 — Battle
Joined: August 10, 2014
Last Online: March 08, 2015
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Soto Says: 

Ecstatic!  Was fried from the Gundrak Hatchling grind so went to check AH and call it a night when loh and behold!!  Someone had posted a Deviate Hatchling for 50g and another person for 25g!  Then, I saw a Mulgore Hatchling for 150g (I play alliance)!  I am feeling very lucky now instead of resigned.  Gotta love great finds (I do feel a little guilty, though for buying all three...)

Posted Sep 3, 2014 at 11:56pm

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About Soto:

Even though grinding for the Gundrak Hatchling is making me cry, it does seem to have a peculiar effect on my luck when I burn out at the end of a session...


  Day 1 - Checked AH before logging off in frustration and found 2 Deviate Hatchlings for under 50g and another rare pet (blanking on name atm) for only 200g rather than the usual 3k+.


  Day 2 - Hating raptors, I left to check Stormpeaks for snow before logging and voila!  Got both an uncommon and a rare Arctic Fox Kit in the breed I wanted.


  Day 3 - Said screw it, I need a break, and found an Unborn Val'kyr in Grizzly Hills 20 minutes later.  Poor quality, but who cares!  No grind!


Note, I have only been pet-hunting in Northrend for 3 days and the Gundrak Hatchling was my first project.  Wonder what day 4 will bring... maybe the Hatchling?  >.<

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