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Username: Siusy  
Character: Siusy (H)
Realm & Rank: Suramar-US (#22)
Connected Rank: Suramar-US (#35)
Pets Collected: 868/1263
Pets Rated: 0/1279 — Appearance
0/1256 — Battle
Joined: May 06, 2008
Last Online: October 23, 2017
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About Siusy:

~ A little about Me ~



My collection started back in vanilla when I was levelling up and a guildie gave me a mechanical squirrel.. I fell instantly in love with the lil guy and never looked back lol..



It's hard to pick favorites because there are memories and dear friends tied to so many of them.. Peggy - who got my collection started.. Caice and Breezey going out in search of an oozeling for me because the little bugger just would not drop.. Mab killing blue dragons with me for 8 hours straight in Winterspring for my azure whelp.. My cobra from Arctis and protodrake whelp from Bova because I had a bad run with aged yolks lol.. My aspects dragon as a bday present from Raf.. The friends that helped me transfer pets from the alliance side to my shammy and guildies who were relentless in their slaughter of critters so I could have my armadillo.. Love you all and everyone else who has put up with my insane collecting and farming through the years <3



When pet battles were announced for MoP, I honestly dreaded it, imagining the worst for all my lil babies.  After trying it out, though, I quickly became hooked.  It's great going out exploring and hunting for new pets again - I love the challenge!  I can't wait to catch them all! :>



My pet collecting has even spread to real life, where I have the two sweetest sugar gliders, Lilo & Stitch, who love to snuggle up with me while I play :> For anyone unfamiliar with sugar gliders, they're small marsupials that have pouches like a kangaroo and flaps like a flying squirrel..



I also collect mounts and other fun stuff in game. I'm always telling people that some women collect shoes.. I collect fluff. I've been playing and collecting for years now and I can honestly tell you all that I still get giddy when adding a new pet or mount to my collection.. :>

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