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Username: Shipaii Site MVP  
Character: Shipaii (H)
Realm & Rank: Twisting Nether-US (#30)
Pets Collected: 671/919
Pets Rated: 963/963 — Appearance
943/943 — Battle
Joined: March 24, 2015
Last Online: 3 days ago
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Shipaii Says: 

Goals for this week? 


~ Work on my Safari

~ Antorus


~ Raiding with Leashes

Posted Feb 20, 2018 at 7:53pm

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About Shipaii:

Greetings, Traveler! 


My name is Sheepy.

I started my WoW journey back in 2012 with MoP. Before this astonishing life event, I once played a game called Aion. During my time playing, I created a long lasting name, Shipaii, who became my first character in the world of warcraft. She's a B-elf priest. I jumped into pet collecting/battling almost immidiately -- used to be an adamant player of Pokemon. Although not very skilled at the stats aspect of it, I fell in love with the pets and system. I also fell in love with collecting mounts.


With the shadow of Legion upon us, I created my first feral druid (Adynaa), who has taken charge in being my main character. My few goals are to collect/name every pet I can, every mount I can, learn to PvP, and continue enjoying the game with my friends. Unfortunately, I suffer when it comes to PvP even though it's something I really enjoy, my luck has really become a stalemate in my WoW experience. With time and effort though, all can be accomplished.

     Thank you for visiting and walk with the Earth Mother, champions.

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