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Username: Serabelle  
Character: Xenowyn (A)
Realm & Rank: Proudmoore-US (#367)
Pets Collected: 283/922
Pets Rated: 0/959 — Appearance
0/939 — Battle
Joined: May 20, 2013
Last Online: October 11, 2014
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About Serabelle:

I've been away from WoW for the better part of two years.  The thought of the pet battles didn't interest me, so I didn't even look into it-- finally, after some prodding from my husband, I'm trying WoW again and as soon as I discovered the Pet Battles, I was hooked again!  I collected a fair amount of companions over the years I played WoW, but I've nearly doubled that collection just from being back for one week.  My biggest pet collecting regret?  Being trigger happy while fishing in Dalaran and not accepting the "bind to character" message that popped up way-back-when, and therefore tossing my Giant Sewer Rat back in the water.  I didn't play for 2 days I was so bummed.  I've farmed several pets I never thought I'd be willing to take the time to farm, and after spending a little more time again going for the Giant Sewer Rat, I finally fished another one up!  Totally worth it.

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