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Username: Saga Top Rater  
Character: Saga (A)
Realm & Rank: Moonglade-EU (#41)
Connected Rank: Moonglade-EU (#106)
Pets Collected: 605/1098
Pets Rated: 358/1123 — Appearance
1/1103 — Battle
Joined: June 10, 2009
Last Online: August 04, 2018
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Saga Says: 

I have to admit that after some WoW-breaks over the past years, and considering how many and how often new pets are added, I gave up on collecting them all. Once I was no. 3 on my realm, but that sure is long ago - now I am as casual a pet-collector as I am casual in WoW in general :-)

Posted Mar 12, 2018 at 2:36am

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About Saga:

My collection started while pets still took up bag & bank-space - but as a druid (having to have so many armour sets), it didn't really get going until pets became spells. THEN I went amok! :D

Greatest disappointment EVER in WoW was to get to 100 companions and get no achievement! Luckily, they fixed that now, and when logging in after a break, Tadaaa! -There was the achievement for 100 + 125 :-)
Now, I am back after another break, and started working my way to 150. Celestial Dragon, you shall be mine <3

My all-time favourite has been Whiskers the Rat - I started playing WoW 7th of June 2007, and soon after saw that rat for the first time - and fell in LOVE! When I discovered it would take a whole year before I could get it, I was heart-broken - and when I finally got him, he stayed at my side for a loooong time.

Last year however, I got the Wind Rider Cub for my birthday, and Whiskers now grew old and prefers to stay in my pocket instead of doing all the running. (Also, he has no wings!). As I am on a RP server, the story goes that the Wind Rider Master in Moonglade didn't know what to do with this cub after it's mom perished on a long flight, and handed it to a passing druid (me!) to care for. -After getting over the initial shock over my druid's shape shifting, the cub even took to it's wings when my druid flapped hers... And now refuses to grow up 'cos pampered childhood is just too damn great :P

All the other pets get out every now and again - but Sashou (as I named my Wind Rider Cub) is my favourite by far. His plush-sibling sits in the corner of my window-pane, regularly raising questions from visitors... -Not the typical living room deco for a woman my age, after all ;-)

Oh, and I thoroughly enjoy my little horde alt flying on her Wind Rider with the lil' cub after her... Too cute <3

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