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Username: SacredRogue66  
Character: Shanratha (A)
Realm & Rank: Lightninghoof-US (#8)
Pets Collected: 740/908
Pets Rated: 205/962 — Appearance
34/942 — Battle
Joined: August 14, 2008
Last Online: November 16, 2016
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About SacredRogue66:

I've been playing WoW almost since launch, and from the moment I bought my first kitten carrier from Elwynn, I knew I was addicted to mini-pets. My collection began on my rogue (I know, brilliant idea giving away my stealth location), but when BC launched and I tried a shaman for the first time, that became my main. My collection was split between two characters until 3.0 changed pets (and unbound many of the items). My rogue mailed his collection to my shaman, who then became my primary collection. Of course, with collections now being account-wide it's not such a big deal.



I check this site, sometimes almost daily to learn of new pets being added so I can begin to plan my acquisition. Luck has not always been with me for certain event pets (curse you, Frost Lord!), but that hasn't slowed me from trying.

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