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Username: Ravyn Top Rater  
Character: Sela (A)
Realm & Rank: Arathor-eu (#12)
Connected Rank: Arathor-eu (#37)
Pets Collected: 1042/1604
Pets Rated: 179/1621 — Appearance
126/1597 — Battle
Joined: November 01, 2008
Last Online: November 04, 2019
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Ravyn Says: 

Accidentally bought a pet I already had for pet charms and didn't notice until after I used the item. :( With 6 characters at 120, I will recover quickly. But it's still disappointing. :( 

Posted Oct 7, 2018 at 2:57pm

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About Ravyn:

The first non-combat pet I ever owned was given to me by my husband (back then he was my boyfriend!): A green Wing Macaw. I instantly fell in love, and ever since I have been hooked on adding more cute critters to my collection.


Like most people, I didn't actually start collecting a massive number of pets until patch 3.0.2 was released, when pets and mounts were given their own summoning tabs. I simply didn't have the bag space. Before that I was mainly focused on collecting the pets that I liked the most. I remember being ridiculously jealous of my husband because he had a Lurky. I guess I whined about it enough because one day (during TBC) he announced that he had found me a TBC CE and I would be getting my very own Lurky and Netherwhelp. I was silly happy, as you might imagine


So much has changed since back then, and I am totally in love with Pet Battles (and Account wide pets!). They bring this amazing, in-depth mini-game to WoW that is great for periods of down time and boredom. I have been trying not to rush through pet collecting too much, so that I can still have some to do when there's a lull in raiding or just during general periods of boredom. It's hard though. The pet battles are so fun! And I just love to get new pets, it's hard to pace myself.


And just for fun, here is my Pebble journey!


Pebble Dailies:

12/29 - Daily #1

12/31 - Daily #2

1/3 - Daily #3

1/5 - Daily #4

1/13 - Daily #5

1/14 - Daily #6

1/24 - Daily #7

1/27 - Daily #8

2/1 - Daily #9

2/9 - Daily #10! Pebble got lost in the Twisting Nether and the postmaster appointed me guardian!

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