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Username: Rainbowk Top Rater  
Character: Swifteagle (A)
Realm & Rank: Skywall-US (#4)
Connected Rank: Skywall-US (#6)
Pets Collected: 1086/1107
Pets Rated: 1110/1142 — Appearance
1089/1119 — Battle
Joined: December 01, 2012
Last Online: April 13, 2019
Community: Comments (10)
Forum Posts (12)
Messaging: Enabled Contact Rainbowk

Rainbowk Says: 

Loving Legion. Catching new pets is so much fun! I love how they have made some interactive ways to capture pets such as Ashmaw Cub,  Grumpy  and  Dust Bunny


My philosophy on pets is thus: enjoy them! Period! If you are always striving to be better than someone else how can you enjoy your collection!


Shout out to Velgana and Wakamaru, loving pet collecting with good freinds.


WANTED:  Stunted Direhore, Baby Blizzard bear and the Panda! Dream BIG!

Posted Jan 12, 2017 at 10:45pm

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About Rainbowk:

I am Swifteagle on Skywall. This is my main too. I Am in Warcraftpets Guild on Madoran. My toon on that realm is Hawkstrider.  


STILL Trying to get the Stunted Direhorn 

This one will take awhile to get, I really suck at pvp.


Be kind to all others as well as yourself, Or you'll drift like a boat out on the ocean


Happy hunting all!

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