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Username: Penance  
Character: Tzunami (H)
Realm & Rank: Black Dragonflight-US (#13)
Pets Collected: 814/938
Pets Rated: 0/959 — Appearance
0/939 — Battle
Joined: December 20, 2012
Last Online: 2 days ago
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Penance Says: 

Out of WoW for almost two years (new mom to twins) and now trying to play catchup on my pet collecting.  I've got a long way to go.  I just got Legion! :-/


In progress/waiting for: Perpetually on the hunt for my white whale, the Spineclaw Crab.  



* Peanut

* Spineclaw Crab

* Blazing Cindercrawler & Igneous Flameling (Midsummer Festival)

* Baby Winston

* Thaumaturgical Piglet

* Uncollected TCG and CE pets

* New (old) raid pets I don't have yet

* Anything else new from the Legion expansion that I don't have!


~*~ Repetitive stuff (stats and recents, etc.) moved to bio. ~*~ 

Posted Oct 20, 2017 at 9:30pm

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About Penance:

5 Newest acquisitions (from most to least recent):


1. Sharptalon Hatchling #813

2. Shadow #812

3. Twilight #811

4. Snowfeather Hatchling #810

5. Twilight Clutch-Sister #809


In progress: Raiding with Leashes V (12/15)!


5 most recently leveled to 25: Direbeak HatchlingDarkmoon GlowflyMini Thor, Savory Beetle, Tainted Moth


To 25 next: Snowfeather HatchlingSharptalon HatchlingMischiefNightmare WhelplingStormborne WhelplingSnobold Runt, G0-R41-0N, Soulbroken Whelpling, Stardust, Rescued Fawn



¤ All pets uncommon or better quality - 8/9/15

¤ Brutal Pet Brawler: 8/16/15 (Stunted Direhorn)

¤ Legendary Pet Battler: 8/16/15 (5000 battles won)

¤ Draenor Pet Brawler: 8/16/15 (garrison monument)

¤ Deadly Pet Brawler: 8/18/15 (Trainer title)

¤ Legendary Pet Brawler: 9/20/2015 (5000 PvP battles won)


¤ Dragonkin, elemental, humanoid, magical & mechanical pets all rare (where possible)!



¤ To do list: ¤


* Level to 25 (priority): Scooter the SnailEgbertUmbrafen Spore, Crimson SporeSeaborne SporeBrilliant SporeBrown Prairie DogCoilfang Stalker, Dandelion Frolicker, Darkmoon HatchlingGrumplingBanelingBoneshardCrimson Whelpling


* Remember to fight Kura every day!

Spineclaw Crab

* Get all pets to max level/rare

* Continue obtaining unique pets



Right now, I'm stuck at a point where I can only level up one pet a day, if that.  [Sad trombone.]


Things will be better in Legion.


When fighting the Draenor pet masters, I wear my safari hat (not to be confused with putting on my robe and wizard hat) and give my pet a treat to increase experience gain right before fighting Ashlei.  It usually takes me about 15-20 minutes to get a pet from 1-25, with the possibility of maxing another high-level (level 23 minimum; 22 will put you at 24 after the fight) pet long before the treat I'm using to boost experience runs out.  You can do the same using Cymre Brightblade.  I just haven't bothered because the fight is too long and tedious.


My usual run right now is (team composition can be found on each trainer's WoWHead page; click on their names and find a team that works with your collection):


Ashlei (1 - 14; 0 LP damage taken)

Taralune (14 - 19)

Vesharr (19 - 23)

Gargra (23 - 25 on first pet)

Tarr (23 - 25 on second, high-level pet)


Order doesn't matter as long as Ashlei is first, as she has Doodle, who does no damage and is perfect for matching a level 1 against for a round (there's no real benefit to taking out Doodle with your leveler).

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