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Username: Odiana Top Rater  
Character: Chasiana (H)
Realm & Rank: Magtheridon-EU (#32)
Connected Rank: Magtheridon-EU (#32)
Pets Collected: 849/1242
Pets Rated: 278/1242 — Appearance
14/1219 — Battle
Joined: January 27, 2013
Last Online: January 27, 2019
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Odiana Says: 

Currently I am working on collecting the Raiding with Leashes Pets.



Recently Boneshard dropped which I was so excited about.  Since getting Graves with his bonestorm achievement, and memories of raiding ICC back in the day and getting spiked by Lord Marrowgar, I thought it to be quite fun for that little memory. 

Posted Jan 8, 2018 at 7:12pm

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About Odiana:

I am a parent, I have 4 children so finding the time to play sometimes can be a real challenge.  



I have been playing world of warcraft since The Burning Crusade.  I first started off as alliance.  My very first pet was from the crazy cat ladies house.  It was a silver tabby cat and would be the first of many pets.  Back then we did not have the pet collections tab, and every single pet was kept in bank storage or bags.  In 2007, there was an event on where we went pvp in the battlegrounds (when pvp was fun and not about gear) and I got my competitors tabard and spirit of competition.  During the pre patch between The Burning Crusade and WOTLK, we went to Karazhan to kill the extra boss, for Vampiric Batling.  Mine is called Batty, because I loved Ferngully as a child and Batty was my favourite character.  At the end of WOTLK I faction changed to horde.  



When pet battling came out, I was really excited.  I used to be an avid pokemon player on the nintendo gameboy, so having an element similar to that for me in wow just made the game better.  



I really try with my pet collecting.  I am currently working on the staff for Tarecgosa.  I had my youngest child, 2 days after cataclysm opened, so I never had much time for wow during that xpac.  Babies are so demanding.  However, I came back for MoP and have been playing catch up ever since.  I suppose I could join a guild where they already have the achievement, but I would find no fun in not grinding it out myself, so that is what I am currently doing.  



Currently trying to collect legion pets, and also battle the world pet battlers for achievements like Robeteer for example.  I will stick with my mechanical pet's for the time being and work through them.  Managed Varenne recently with Sky Bo, Mechanical scorpid and Mechanical Dragon. :D



My favourite pet's are of the fluffy variety and anything that has cute sounds like my murlocs.  Murkidan looks awesome but his battling skills leave a lot to be desired.  



Happy Pet collecting, and thanks for looking at my collection :)

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