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Username: Mosbhet Top Rater  
Character: Mosbhet (H)
Realm & Rank: Madoran-US (#67)
Pets Collected: 757/949
Pets Rated: 0/962 — Appearance
0/942 — Battle
Joined: January 29, 2013
Last Online: January 02, 2018
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About Mosbhet:



Hello fellow pet enthusiasts!


After being a long-time lurker here at WarcraftPets, I have finally made an account of my own! =)


I started playing WoW in January of 2006, and my love of companion pets quickly followed. I even made a hunter in those early days so that I could have access to even more pets (i.e., "buddies") to accompany me on my travels throughout Azeroth. That hunter, Padrone (A-Earthen Ring), is still my most played character to this day!


Now with the arrival of pet battles, I think my love of pets has grown into a bit of an obsession. =)  I am currently working on finding a rare version of all the wild battle pets in-game, as well as obtaining more WoWTCG pets. I also still spend a lot of time grinding away at mobs until they drop those more elusive pets. To me, there is nothing so exciting and satisfying like finally seeing that pet drop after spending so much time on the hunt!


While I still have quite a few pets left to acquire, I have to say that the journey itself has been a total blast!


Happy hunting everyone! =)


UPDATE 6-23-2013: I joined the WarcraftPets guild on Madoran today! Though I have only been in the guild a few days, I have already been able to see what a friendly and supportive guild it is! I am really looking forward to spending time with my new guildmates. I had planned to make a character there much sooner, but I just could not decide on a class to level (shaman or priest). So, I did what any self-respecting altoholic would do... I created both classes! =) Up first for leveling is my shaman Ajuoga. Hope to see you there!


UPDATE 9-6-2013: Transferred my level 90 mage, Mosbhet, over to Madoran today so that I could spend more time with the fine folks in the WarcraftPets guild! Also changed my username on this site from Padrone to Mosbhet.

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