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Username: Moritach Site MVP  
Character: Moritach (A)
Realm & Rank: Silvermoon-EU (#103)
Connected Rank: Silvermoon-EU (#103)
Pets Collected: 514/1399
Pets Rated: 0/1416 — Appearance
0/1393 — Battle
Joined: August 01, 2008
Last Online: February 18, 2013
Community: Comments (10)
Forum Posts (54)
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Moritach Says: 

I feel so sorry for alliance pet collectors on my server. I think we're down to about 3% horde population now and I know there's a few of them who'd delight in seeing an alliance player miserable rather than helping them out. I've been looking for any people announcing horde lanterns for sale or the lantern showing up on ah... but there's nothing. Right now I'm really glad I've been working on leveling a horde alt up especially for occasions like this!
Posted Jan 24, 2012 at 1:42am

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About Moritach:

I've been collecting pets for a long time, though for a long time I wasn't as obsessed with it as I've become as of late. ;) I used to collect pets with my old main and my collection thus used to be spread across two characters. With the new achievement system I've decided to collect pets on a single character, which is Moritach, my new main. That has also meant that I've had to get some rare pets twice, but my collection is finally up to speed now!

I'd like to thank the friends I have and have had in wow that have contributed to my pet collection in different ways. In no particular order, big thanks to:
Firste - Silvermoon EU
Glimwick - Silvermoon EU
Katamai - Silvermoon EU
Elnadrion - Silvermoon EU
Rovdjur - Silvermoon EU
Danso - Silvermoon EU
Ardante - Argent Dawn EU
Silna - Argent Dawn EU
Natashia - Argent Dawn EU
Nayia - Silvermoon EU
Illindinius(Lilly Legs) - Argent Dawn EU
Sharise - Silvermoon EU
Mandor - Argent Dawn EU
Ath - Argent Dawn EU
Dalinos - Silvermoon EU
Particularis - Argent Dawn EU
Dourd - Argent Dawn EU
Sune - Silvermoon EU

(If I've forgotten someone, I'm really sorry, just poke me and I'll fix it!)

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