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Username: Miraenda Site MVP  
Character: Biserk (H)
Realm & Rank: Ysera-US (#67)
Pets Collected: 533/948
Pets Rated: 167/962 — Appearance
162/942 — Battle
Joined: September 13, 2013
Last Online: July 16, 2015
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RareRare  78.6%
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Ysera-US  #67
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About Miraenda:

I've been playing WoW since BC. I got into the battle pet field a bit late, only starting around February 2013 to really start collecting. 


If it weren't for battle pets, I probably wouldn't be as interested in WoW, since collecting them gives me something to do after levelling my characters to 90. I end up spending most of the money I make at the AH buying battle pets.


[Update Jan 14, 2014] I am 20th on Ysera-US and with 523 / 601 pets (the treasure goblin for Diablo 3 CE hasn't actually been released to collect it). I am extremely close to getting Kirin Tor Familiar (1 book left to read in Threads of Fate balcony) and Pebble (one more Lost in the Deeps quest complete to get Rock Lover). I have been trying to level an Undead Rogue and Orc Monk recently, which has been taking away somewhat from the battle pets. The rogue is to no longer have to ask for lockboxes to be opened, while the monk is for a guild achievement. I need to start working on my Orc Warrior Biserk to get her higher level equipment in order to get some of the additional Timeless Isle pets that I don't have still.


I am discussing merging accounts with a friend who no longer plays WoW and hasn't for 4 years. The friend may simply give me the characters and associated pets. If that happens, I may end up with 2-3 pets that I thought I was never going to be able to collect if they do exist on the accounts (Baby Blizzard Bear, Onyxian Whelpling and Spirit of Competition). The last one would be amazing if that does happen, because it is so rare and isn' tradeable. Wish me luck!


[Update Dec 5, 2013] I now have 500 unique pets with my collection today of Ominous Flame on the AH (not yet strong enough in Timeless Isle to do those fights in the cave solo for that rare drop). I now have 100 more pets to go to reach my in-game goal. I've risen from 50th on my realm (Ysera-US) to 24th in just a couple of months. Lately, I've been trying to raise my pet levels to where all will eventually be 25. The rares are all 15 and higher (83 of them at 25), while the uncommons are 11 and higher. My happiest finds lately were Unborn Val'kyr, uncommon (2 weeks ago) and Minfernal, common (1 day ago). Once I get a magic battlestone to upgrade, Minfernal will be upgraded, because that is my only common pet remaining.

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