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Username: Mezcaal Top Rater  
Character: Mezcaal (A)
Realm & Rank: Moon Guard-US (#91)
Connected Rank: Moon Guard-US (#91)
Pets Collected: 824/1136
Pets Rated: 766/1146 — Appearance
56/1123 — Battle
Joined: October 16, 2008
Last Online: September 24, 2018
Community: Comments (8)
Forum Posts (58)
Messaging: Enabled Contact Mezcaal

Mezcaal Says: 

I updated the Pet Interaction guide on the forums. Check it out. <3


>> Pet Interaction Guide <<

Posted Sep 24, 2017 at 12:03pm

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About Mezcaal:

Bnet ID: Toby (contact me for the # descreetly)

Main: Mezcaal (A) @ Moon Guard

Twitter: quietvertigo

Twitch: quietvertigo

metagamerscore: quietvertigo

DevArt: tobysq


Check out my "Pet Interaction Guide" on the forums. You're more than welcome to comment if you see something missing.


WoW PagesWarcraft Mounts | WoW Armory | Shift+P


Rebirth of Moon Guard -- Rebirth is my home guild. We are a 18+ guild of friends; casually achieving our way through the game. It's also a safe space encouraged environment. If you're looking for a quiet home, look me up.

Buddies! FarraanewodysseyWillowAngwyn, Corgi, Paozu


Trading Possibilities:

Alliance Tourney Companions (exalted and unlocked all faction pets)

Molten Front Companions (completed all hubs)

Sha'tari Draenor (pet), Frostwolf Orcs (pet)

Draenor Hallow's Eve battle pets

Goblin Engineering up until Draenor (I don't alt as much as I used to)

Guild: Li'l Teragosa, Armadillo, Page/Herald, Dark Pheonix (mount), King (mount), Tabards, BoA Gear... most things except the super rare I think.


Pet Addons:

Battle Pet SpeciesID



Updated: Sept 2018

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