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Username: Meowmix Top Rater  
Character: Meowmix (H)
Realm & Rank: Ragnaros-EU (#29)
Connected Rank: Ragnaros-EU (#29)
Pets Collected: 643/1255
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0/1256 — Battle
Joined: February 28, 2010
Last Online: April 02, 2016
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Meowmix Says: 

After all that money grinding and waiting untill someone puts it on the AH, i finally found a Dragon Kite for 50k. not the cheapest but also not the craziest amount either...


A long time ago i saw it for 25k shame i only had like 5k back then.


But now finally i got one!!


Also whats nice, it was already lvl 25 ;D


Here screenie of my hunter and her new awesome kite.



Posted Oct 25, 2013 at 11:04am

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About Meowmix:

I play wow for 3+ years now.


And ive always been a collector!


Not always mini pets tho, but i started with Mounts.



I am a Troll hunter in game so i also try to farm pets.


I also like to farm achievements, cuz they are fun to do :D



My favourite 5 pets are:


1. Feline familiar ♥


2. Onyxian Whelpling ♥


3. Disgusting oozeling ♥


4. Fox kit ♥


5. De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion aka. Rabbot! ♥



My favourite 5 mounts are:


1. Onyxian drake


2. New serpent mounts


3. Crimson Deathcharger (Bought mine for gold)


4. Zulian Tiger and panther


5. Fiery warhorse


I wish everyone the best of luck and farming.


And ofc many fun in it, 1 thing ive learned is: Never give up! it will repay you. :3


/licks from Meowmix :3

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