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Username: LuminaDragon  
Character: Cylene (A)
Realm & Rank: Durotan-US (#67)
Pets Collected: 233/942
Pets Rated: 0/962 — Appearance
0/942 — Battle
Joined: July 21, 2008
Last Online: February 07, 2013
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LuminaDragon Says: 

Really sad that 8 years goes by and suddently they turned my casual fun thing with pet collecting into an excessive grind :(  It was fun...

Posted Nov 29, 2012 at 8:50pm

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About LuminaDragon:

Hi! ^^ This collection shown are all the pets on my human mage, Cylene, on Durotan.
I've always loved the cute pets (as well as fun mounts) in MMOs.

It first was just collecting specific ones - most desired where the whelplings and kitties. But then turned into 70 little guys all taking up bank and bag space. And I happy with my collection and hope to find more.

Interesting story about my Panda Cub. When we had the huge problem with the in-game mail system around WotLK release, they sent me a Goldshire Gift Voucher as an apology on my mage! So while I don't have more vouchers on other toons for the Diablo and the Zerling, the panda is a great rare and lucky addition.

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