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Username: Liktra  
Character: Avian (H)
Realm & Rank: Exodar-US (#25)
Connected Rank: Exodar-US (#58)
Pets Collected: 787/1225
Pets Rated: 1/1236 — Appearance
0/1213 — Battle
Joined: August 17, 2008
Last Online: August 30, 2017
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Liktra Says: 

Oh my goodness! I just got the Phoenix mount from Tempest Keep.

9 runs and rolled 100 against 5 other people (Next highest was 97 which was my friend's roll, and he would have given it to me anyway since he knew I wanted it to much).

If I lost the roll, I would have paid all I have on all of my Horde toons which equalled to 34324g 25s 16c and a Hyacinth Macaw.

166 pets
130 mounts

*Burnie explodes...again.
Posted Nov 7, 2011 at 2:13am

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About Liktra:

Current goals:

All bird mounts

Magic Rooster

Insane title


New computer


Newest pet: Oasis Moth

Newest mount: Kor'kron Annihilator


My Pet Battle


Avian the Noble - 85 Tauren Druid - Exodar


Pets - 359-362 (Not sure what the missing 3 are, but I'm guessing that the Devouring Maggot is one of them as I did catch one)

 (Plus Blood Parrot and Coyote Spirit)

Burnie the Rocket Chicken

Cortana the Hyacinth Macaw

Midsummer Night the Phoenix Hatchling

Infinite Sacrifice the Dark Phoenix Hatchling

Spirit of Fire the Spirit of Summer

Eridanus the Celestial Dragon


Mounts- 138-139 (Not sure what the last one is)

Pillar of Autumn the Ashes of Al'ar

Truth and Reconciliation the Dark Phoenix

Chief the Swift Green Hawkstrider

Tex the Swift Warstrider

Reggie the Swift White Hawkstrider

Sarge the Swift Red Hawkstrider

Doc the Swift Purple Hawkstrider

Keyes the Silvermoon Hawkstrider

Jai the Sunreaver Hawkstrider

Cabose the Blue Hawkstrider

Donut the Swift Lovebird

O'Mally the Swift Forest Strider

Meta the Swift Springstrider

Buck the Raven Lord

Olifant the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth

Kalamadae the Albino Drake

Iroquois the Sunreaver Dragonhawk

Gettysburg the Red Dragonhawk

Kurt the Onyx Netherwing Drake

Bloodied Spirit the Red Riding Nether Ray

Infinite Succor the Green Riding Nether Ray

Pious Inquisitor the Blue Riding Nether Ray

Shadow of Intent the Silver Riding Nether Ray

Torpedo the Celestial Steed


Real life pets:

Gary - Grey male Budgie

Fredric - Green male Budgie

Borovan - Grey Dalmatian male Budgie

Jean - Blue and grey male Budgie

Rogue - Blue Dalmatian female Budgie

Storm - Grey female Budgie

Angel - Blue Dalmatian male Budgie

Pippin - Male? Green-cheeked Conure

Ruby - Brown tabby/calico female cat

Stanley - Brown tabby male Maine Coon cat

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