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Username: LadyHryaeda Site MVP  
Character: Akrylani (H)
Realm & Rank: Thrall-US (#304)
Pets Collected: 136/928
Pets Rated: 0/960 — Appearance
0/940 — Battle
Joined: August 17, 2008
Last Online: September 26, 2012
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LadyHryaeda Says: 


My! It's been a while, hasn't it?

There really has not been much to report, I suppose. Dead Lich Kings, an eventful Blizzcon and the like... but the Shattering has really invigorated me! I have been traveling the broken world to see what Deathwing's frenzy has wrought.

...and catch all the new pets he has graciously unearthed, of course.

Recent Pets:

Quite the respectable invertebrate.
Such a thirsty chap.
Who is that singing in the garden?
...and a certain Flamefly who snuck past us all!

Mount Hunt:

Green Proto-Drake - 0/1 (yep still)
Goblin Racial Mount - 4287/6000 Friendly (still a ways to go)
Posted Nov 25, 2010 at 2:16am

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About LadyHryaeda:

Hi all!

My name is a mouthful, so feel free to call me Rae. I'm a young'un when it comes to pet collecting, but that's due in part to me being a young'un when it comes to WoW! I started playing in March of 2007 with my one and only main, Akrylani. She's my pet crazy Momma Lani, and I love her to bits. <3

I didn't begin collecting pets until about July 2007 when my best friend IRL gave me a Dark Whelpling for my birthday. Even though I had other pets then (one of them being a little bunny), that's what sent me looking up things and searching for more. At Wrath launch, I had the 50 pets I needed for my little smelly friend, and since then, I've been working my purple (on most occasion) behind off, gathering my tiny, tiny army. I had no idea that from the beginning, I had a pet profession under my belt (Tailor/Engy for life! <3), but it certainly aided the process.

Honestly, a lot of my fun memories in WoW are connected to pets and the crazy lengths I went to get them. I've never bought any of them; all the pets I have were either gifts or farmed up myself. It's a labor of love to see all the companions I can get. I've even bitten a fair number of people with the pet collecting bug, and it's wonderful to see people pet chasing. Sure, there are those that like to price gouge and take advantage of that, but there are just as many honest-to-goodness pet freaks like me, and that makes me glad!

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