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Username: LSW Top Rater  
Character: Adwae (H)
Realm & Rank: Shadow Council-US (#7)
Pets Collected: 920/1059
Pets Rated: 962/1084 — Appearance
200/1064 — Battle
Joined: October 28, 2008
Last Online: August 05, 2018
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Family Familiar/Fighter Achieves and so much more:


Can I say I hate archeology?? -- Still no Crawling Claw. Any advise on this? I feel as if I am forever banging my head on the desk every time I finish a Tol'vir project and the new one always comes up with something STOOOPID.

Posted Jan 8, 2018 at 1:23pm

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About LSW:

~ Noteworthy News Activity ~

~ May 25th, 2018~

Semi perm link - Awesome Pet Battle Strats : 


Will get Sun Darter Hatchling before BFA hits. Been busy collecting mounts, leveling alts ... yeah.... need to be in the mood for it -- probably will do that when I go after Lucid.


Been thinking of doing some of the pvp pet battles, but... I really have no clue where to start, so that is on my research list of to-do's, but still a back burner thing. I want the pet rewards/achieves, but I really do not like the pet battle system.  Advice is welcomed and appreciated.


~ Pet Achievement Activity ~

So. Many. Pets. : Completed

Draenor Pet Brawler : Completed

Broken Isles Safari : Complete

Battle on the Broken Isles : Completed

Raiding with Leashes I : Completed

Raiding with Leashes II : Completed

Raiding with Leashes III : Completed

Raiding with Leashes IV :  Completed

Raiding with Leashes V : Completed

Tanaan Jungle : Completed

Family Familiar : Completed

Family Fighter : Antorian Wastes done. Less than 100 battles to go.

Wailing Caverns : Still no Cavern Moccasin

Deadmines : Just need one more pet.

Family Brawler : Battles on a back burner for now.

No PvP started .... Yet. Not sure I EVER will.


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Rebellious Imp


Mining Monkey


~ WoW Progress Statistics ~

Current Pet Score : 55229.36

realm:  7 (horde: 3)  (hunter: 3)

{I won't count characters unguilded OR duplicate scores}


PRE 2016

My highest rating ever:

world: 1200 (hunter: 168)

US:  455 (hunter: 59)

realm: 3 (hunter: 1) (horde 2)

Pet Score: 26138.29


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WoWhead Profile : Collected (421), Missing (54), Excluded (22)


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Adwae's Mount Collection

Total Unique Mounts : 428

{across classes and races)

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