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Username: Kalishnu Site MVP  
Character: Drozil (A)
Realm & Rank: Warsong-US (#8)
Pets Collected: 459/884
Pets Rated: 0/917 — Appearance
0/898 — Battle
Joined: May 29, 2013
Last Online: July 31, 2017
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Kalishnu Says: 

At long last, I have added my biography to my profile.  Just in case you are still wondering who I am.

Posted Sep 5, 2014 at 2:03pm

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About Kalishnu:

Elune adore!  My name is Kalishnu (  I am a priest of Elune, and I suppose it goes with being Kaldorei that I am also a lover of nature and wild things.  I often have my Lucky Quilen Cub Ishnu with me. Other frequent companions are Crested Owl Julia (WHO-lee-ah) and Brilliant Kaliri Kalirious in the forest and Sea Pony Hippocampy in places like Vash'jir.  I completed my training in Shadowglen about two years ago.  My best friends are my cousin Kelmari ( and a gnome by the name of Drozil (  How did I meet this gnome?  He has written about it here:


I am an avid pet collector, seeking the rare specimens of every species.  It is my goal to one day have all my pets be rare quality—or better, if that were possible.  The advent of a flawless battle stone has been known to leave me dazed and distracted for days as I ponder which pet should receive this blessing.  My decisions have left some scratching their heads, for my reasoning is not always strategic.


Of late I have been working to improve my pets' skill.  I have been in the very bad habit of training new prizes to Level 4 so that they have 3 abilities available and then moving on to the next new pet.  I am now working on getting several teams with interlocking skills to Level 25.

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