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Username: Imry Site MVP  
Character: Imry (H)
Realm & Rank: Moon Guard-US (#51)
Connected Rank: Moon Guard-US (#51)
Pets Collected: 977/1417
Pets Rated: 219/1417 — Appearance
211/1394 — Battle
Joined: May 24, 2011
Last Online: March 18, 2020
Community: Comments (4)
Forum Posts (36)
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Imry Says: 

Took a bit of a forced break from WoW due to work, but slowly getting back in the swing of things and trying to finish levelling all these pets and catch up with the new ones released in the last patch!


I will definitely be finishing the forum signatures as soon as I get all the Christmas hustle and bustle out of the way and possibly doing more once I finish those currently listed.


Currently working on:

• Levelling Pets as fast as I can

• Fishing for Lunkers


And I'm new to the Twitter thing, but @murglesnout is my handle!

Posted Dec 19, 2015 at 2:04pm

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About Imry:

I've been an avid pet collector since Wrath, seeking out every companion pet with greedy little hands and though I was initally skeptical of the changes to my favorite activity with Mists, I quickly embraced the hundreds of additions.


I do enjoy pet battles, but levelling and battling is always secondary to my true goal of catching them all!


You can catch me ingame in Moon Guard on Imry or Tobari. I'm always excited to chatter with fellow pet collectors! (In fact, if you're ever on Moon Guard, you should /join Petcollectors! Nakawe's pet collecting chat channel!)

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