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Username: Honeydrops  
Character: Ursus (A)
Realm & Rank: Argent Dawn-EU (#41)
Pets Collected: 801/929
Pets Rated: 1/962 — Appearance
0/942 — Battle
Joined: April 10, 2008
Last Online: Today
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Honeydrops Says: 

*Does happy dance* <3 Lailea. Sweet Guildy friend! She just gave me a Clockwork Rocket Bot! I missed out on that year of X-mass because of Real life so excluded it from my wanted list,  and she had a spare! Wheee thanks Lisanette!

Posted Oct 26, 2012 at 2:45pm

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About Honeydrops:

I am totaly in love with the latest Expansion. It has everything I ever wanted. The Pet battlesystem is so much fun and by far my favourite thing to do. I have been playing wow from day one with some short breaks due to real life events. It amazing that this game keeps getting better and I am very happy that blizzard made such a great awesome game where so many types of people have fun in! 


My top 10 list of pets are:


1. My Guardian Cub

name: Murron.


(after the blue merle Collie mother of my RL puppy)

2. Sifang Ottor

Name: Odie


(Otters are the most amasing little creatures that play all their lives which makes them awesome and interesting creatures)

3. Clockwork Gnome

Name: Marvin

(He was very overpowered and I died a lot of times because of enemies having the Clockwork Gnome that he made me depressed :D so I named mine Marvin pun intended)

4. Gregorious Grell

Name: Rulyep

(My warlock always had a little companion demon called Rulyep but since she now has updated demons Rulyep has become her little useless companion she can taunt and curse at) 

5. Pheonix Hatchling

6. Hopling

7. Terrible Turnip

8. Windrider Cub

9. Gryphon Hatchling

10. Bandicoon


Characters: (Server Argent Dawn)

Neryl - Hunter

Honeydrops - Druid

Miraha - Warlock

Obexi - Priest

Malfunctia - Mage

Nethy - Shaman

Shiney - Paladin

Thoxin - Death Knigth

Poise - Rogue

Nysf - Monk

Ursus - Druid

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