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Username: Holypriestess Top Rater  
Character: Suraj (A)
Realm & Rank: Lightbringer-EU (#18)
Connected Rank: Lightbringer-EU (#26)
Pets Collected: 811/1144
Pets Rated: 251/1279 — Appearance
0/1256 — Battle
Joined: January 25, 2015
Last Online: April 09, 2019
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About Holypriestess:

Alliance [ EU / Lightbringer ]

Suraj, the Lightbringer

lvl 120 Female Lightforged Draenei Holy Priest


I faction changed my main, she used to be:

Howaitohooru (Female Blood Elf) 


IRL: female, 26, Finland


Pets Collected: 790 (300+ on my old account, had to start over)


Best Ranking: Lightbringer EU #40 (active/both sides)


To Do List: 


¤ Work towards 800 pets for the next collection achievement. 10 to go.

¤ Running raids such as Throne Of Thunder & Siege Of Orgrimmar weekly with my man for my missing raid drop pets.


¤ Level pets in order to complete the Gnomeregan pet battle dungeon challenge and and Celestial Tournament for the achievements some beautiful day not in the near future.

¤ Upgrade any commons I have into uncommon or rares.

¤ Upgrade all my rats to rare and level more of them up.


Pet Collecting Style: A combination of farming them myself, capturing via pet battles, buying them off AH & my brothers gifting me some <3 My boyfriend also raids with me for the ones I´m still missing. And this doesn´t make me any less of a collector...I also easily exlude "too hard to get" pets, because WoW isn't my "main game". 


Favorite Pet Family: Critters: Rats, because I have pet rats IRL (1 girl at the moment, all together I´ve had 14, 7 was the most I´ve had at the same time)


Some Of My Favorite Pets: [Giant Sewer Rat] , [Ghastly Rat] , [Leper Rat] & [Tricorne] +every rat model ingame xD


Favorite Pet Skill: [Stampedebecause all the rats.


Mounts collected: 121  (50+ on my old account had to start over)

link to my Warcraft Mounts profile:


Favorite Mount: [Ratstallion] are you sensing a theme yet?

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