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Username: Hekthor Top Rater  
Character: Hekthør (H)
Realm & Rank: Thrall-EU (#14)
Connected Rank: Thrall-EU (#14)
Pets Collected: 857/1102
Pets Rated: 279/1123 — Appearance
28/1103 — Battle
Joined: June 02, 2013
Last Online: December 01, 2017
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Thrall-EU  #14
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About Hekthor:

* My name is Jörn and I live in Berlin, Germany

* I've been playing WOW since the Vanilla Beta, with some breaks

* Actually I was just a mount collector until I broke my arm in December 2012; with only one hand I was not able to play WOW very well, but collecting pets works fine ... so I found a new hobby ;-)


* I enjoy playing a Troll Feral/Resto Druid named Hekthør (EU-Thrall)


* My favorite pet is:

- Anubisath Idol ... the Most Valuable Pet ever: PVE/PVP/Style!


* My mount collection:




* I'm alway interested in all pets and mounts that I need to complete my collection; contact me if you want to trade something: Malique#2809

* Look at my Trade List!


*** My English is very bad; I hope you understood everything ;-) ***

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