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Username: Hanscampbell  
Character: Jaspur (A)
Realm & Rank: Eitrigg-US (#37)
Pets Collected: 431/908
Pets Rated: 17/962 — Appearance
17/942 — Battle
Joined: September 08, 2013
Last Online: August 27, 2017
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About Hanscampbell:

My favorite battle pets are the spiders, imps, and pets that use fire spells.  I always have at least one of these in my teams.  Also, I tend to only have battle pets in my teams that can heal themselves.  The most powerful battle pet in the game is the Corefire Imp.  It is my main battle pet.  I use my Corefire Imp, Shamus, to level up all of my other battle pets.  Shamus can kill three level 25 battle pets by himself.  I start off each battle with a low level battle pet, then my Corefire Imp, Shamus, takes over.  My level 25 Amethyst Spiderling, Violet, is on standby just in case Shamus gets into trouble.  Spiders are also very powerful and can kill three level 25 battle pets by themselves.  What makes spiders so damn hard to kill is the fact that they can heal themselves every other turn.  Spiders are the "paladins" of the battle pet world.

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