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Username: Girliciousgamer  
Character: Tuuli (H)
Realm & Rank: Lightbringer-EU (#73)
Pets Collected: 309/787
Pets Rated: 0/916 — Appearance
0/897 — Battle
Joined: September 09, 2010
Last Online: August 14, 2013
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Girliciousgamer Says: 

¤ I captured the gorgeous [Unborn Val'kyr]! After a day of flying through all the 27 possible spawn points scattered all around Northrend. I called it a day and logged off at one of the points in the Borean Tundra. When I logged in this morning I did not expect to be looking directly at her. What a lucky strike! An [uncommon] I will upgrade later on with a stone. :3 <3


¤ I finally got my very own [Qiraji Guardling]! I was unlucky enough to notice that my gametime had just ran out when I tried to log on the first day of her arrival. I also couldn´t afford to buy a new card. Now that I was able to get it I found luck after all of this as I captured a [rare] one after very little searching. :3 <3

Posted Jul 6, 2013 at 12:38pm

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About Girliciousgamer:

My collecting characters [Lightbringer EU - H & A] :

¤ Tuuli (80 lvl Female Blood Elf Holy Priest) ¤

¤ Läskilahna (80 lvl Female Night Elf Restoration Druid) ¤


IRL: Female, 20, Finland (Europe)


Random Statistics:


Pets: 308/450


Favorite pet family: Critters-Rats & Mice


Some epic pets: Unborn Val'kyr + Qiraji Guardling + Nordrassil Wisp


Pet Battle team: Giant Sewer Rat + Whiskers the Rat + Tainted Rat

You do not want to face my rat pack and become a victim of Stampede!


Professions: Enchanting, Inscription, First Aid, Cooking, Fishing, Archeology


Favorite profession: Enchanting


Mounts: 51


Favorite ground mount: [White Skeletal Warhorse]


Favorite flying mount: [Albino Drake]


Reputations at exalted: 11


Titles: 6


Favorite title: [of the Undercity]


Favorite tabard: [Tabard of the Kirin Tor]


Favorite shirt: [Wound Dressing]


Favorite races: Blood Elf, Night Elf & Draenei


Favorite classes: Priest, Druid, Hunter, Death Knight


Favorite role: Healer


Amount of level 80´s: 3 (I have deleted 3 earlier)


Favorite expansion: [WOTLK] Wrath of the Lich King


Favorite continents: Northrend & The Eastern Kingdoms


Random things I love in WoW:

Non-Combat Pets, Pet Battle System, Rope Pet Leash, Pets, Mounts, Minions, Shirts, Professions, Gems, Enchants, Epic (Purple) Items & Buff Foods.


¤ I love collecting pets, but I set my own limits and will do it in my own time. My collecting style is a mixture of farming pets myself and buying them if I see a good deal. With the new Pet Battle system I now also collect pets by battling and capturing them. The ones I will instantly exclude are, TCG, Raid, 80+ & of course those that arent available in my region/are no longer available. You could say I easily exlude pets, in fact the drop chance of 1/1000 is at my pain limit, I will probably only get those pets if I buy them on AH for a reasonable price. So the ones above limit that I might exclude too.


¤ I have received some pets as gifts from friends and family because they know I love collecting them. It makes me so happy :3 <3 A special thank you to all the epic people who have helped me out in any way!


- High Priestess Tuuli Of The Undercity :3 <3

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