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Username: Duroxas Top Rater  
Character: Duroxas (H)
Realm & Rank: Wyrmrest Accord-US (#24)
Connected Rank: Wyrmrest Accord-US (#24)
Pets Collected: 969/1057
Pets Rated: 747/1085 — Appearance
623/1065 — Battle
Joined: January 06, 2008
Last Online: Today
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Forum Posts (29)
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Duroxas Says: 

Soon, all the pet charms will be MINE. MIIINEEE!! But for now, I'm going to work on leveling and collecting pets to make knocking out the Family battler achievement thats coming in 8.1 easier


Currently after:

Rare Boghopper

Rare River Otter

Rare River Frog

Rare Freshwater Crawler

Rare Barrier Hermit

Rare Mudback Calf




Sun Darter Hatchling

Posted Oct 31, 2018 at 4:34pm

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About Duroxas:

I actually started off not much interested in pets at all, to be honest. I mean, back in the day there was no bonus to collecting them besides massive amounts of bagspace lost and some laughs.



That changed with the achievement system and the new pets tab, and I decided to take a shot at the 50pet achievement, and I did it!



Ive got over 700 minipets now - my interest in the pet collection aspect of the game has only increased recently as my gaming time has turned more casual. I'm alarmingly close to collecting all of the pets that I can collect. I love this game, and the people I've met through it, and the good times I've had while collecting these loveable critters.

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