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Droodics Says: 

My long wait is over, pets now at 50% off, time to get some.

Finally got my Pandaren Monk



Posted Dec 11, 2013 at 11:33am

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About Droodics:

Hey there.

I re-started playing WoW in Mists Of Pandaria. I leveled my druid and didn't give attention to pets, it seemed so tedious to level any pet.

After I hit 90 and 5.4 was coming, what else to do than level some pets.


So i stumbled upon this website and I found that it's not so hard to level some pets to level 25.

I am on my way to 200 pets now, i just love pets battle, even PVP ones.

My favourite pets now are Anubisah Idol, Unborn Valkyr and Pandaren Earth Spirit. I do pvp with these 3 now.

I do daily Pandaria dailies every day and i upgrade 2-3 pets to level 25 per day.

My goal now is to get 50+ pets to fight Celestial Tournament. I know i dont need that many, but I feel more secure with more pets.



Edit: I hit 200 pets for some time now.

I reached my goal of beating Celestial Tournament, and I got pet teams for each tamer, I allready got Zao, Calfling of Niuzao , Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuenand Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji

Got all 4 celestial pets now.

My new goals are:

1. Buy a Pandaren Monk.

1.1. Buy a Alterac Brew-Pup

1.2. Buy in order: Lil' Ragnaros > Blossoming Ancient > Moonkin Hatchling > Cinder Kitten > rest of pets from Blizzard Store.

2. Upgrading all my Uncommon pets to Rare.

3.1. Leveling all my Rare level 1 pets to level 5.

3.2: Level all my Rare level 5 pets to 25.

4: Keep playing with Warcraft Pets members the game "Catch that pet" on the forum.

5. Get Minfernal from Venture CO realm using a DK.

6. Get a rare Baby Ape P/P

7. Get a third Unborn Val'kyr

8.1. Reach 300 pets

8.2. Reach 400 pets

9. Upgrade my Diablo 3 Account with Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition and get Treasure Goblin.



Edit Legion 20.10.2017:

Wow, i forgot about this Bio, pretty funny now that I almost have 700 pets, it's awesome to see how the collection changes over time.

I skipped the Glorious expansion of Draenor and came back in Legion.

I forgot my passion of collecting pets until a few months ago and started going hardcore on it.


New goals for Legion:

1. Reach 700 Pets

2. Reach 800 Pets

3. Reach 850 Pets

4. Try to get to 900 Pets

5. Get to top 40 on my Realm

6. Get to top 20 on my Realm

7. Try to get to top 10 on my Realm

8. Collect all of the Wild Battle Pets

9. Get to 100/132 Achievements in Pet Battles

10. Finish Raiding With Leashes V

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