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Username: Dethstruxion Top Rater  
Character: Dobkeratops (H)
Realm & Rank: Bronzebeard-EU (#20)
Pets Collected: 668/916
Pets Rated: 914/916 — Appearance
86/897 — Battle
Joined: May 10, 2017
Last Online: 2 days ago
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Dethstruxion Says: 

666 is the number of the .. pets that i currently have.


I liked the Deadmines pet run a lot more than WC's, maybe because WC has always been kind of a boring dungeon, and they did not quite chose the most exciting parts of it to hold the pet battles in.

Deadmines also had more diversity in enemies, although it seemed a lot easier too, i was able to solo some fights on the second time around without having used a guide.


I kept my bottlecap, because i really want the Pocket Cannon first. Plus it gives me time to try the monkey out too, it looks quite good from looking at the abilities.


Only been back a year since quitting WoW in 2012 pre-Panda, got a lot to catch up on still.

Posted 6 days ago at 12:49pm

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About Dethstruxion:

Not sure what to put here, i never really put a long personal story anywhere.


But, for some reason these pets got to me, they remind me of playing Megaman Battle Network (i did not play Pokemon, because i didnt want to be part of that craze, and Megaman dealt with it in a way that i was more familiar with).

And a little bit of the old Final Fantasy, with the turn-based gameplay.


Actually, i like the pet stuff so much that i wish it was a separate game altogether.

Not that i dislike WoW, but i'd like to do pet battles and collecting on a portable system.  Maybe Blizz will come with such a thing later.


My favorite pet families are; Magic, Mechanical and Undead. (Big surprise, i think that pretty much everyone has the same favorites as that)


Favorite pets are (pets i own, based mostly on appearance);

Netherspace Abyssal, Minfernal, Abyssius, Darkmoon Eye, Arcane Eye, Eye of the Legion, Draenei Micro Defender, Sunblade Micro-Defender, Sunreaver Micro-Sentry, Corrupted Nest Guardian, Hungering Claw, Creeping Tentacle, Jade Tentacle, Coilfang Stalker & Legs, Fragment of Anger, Boneshard, Ragnaros, K'ute, Mini Mindslayer, Anubisath Idol, Mana Wyrmling, Menagerie Custodian,  Nerubian Swarmer, Pet Bombling, Pocket Reaver, Qiraji Guardling, Rascal-Bot, Restless Shadeling, Sunborne Val'kyr, Sister of Temptation, Viscidus Globule, Toxic Wasteling, Unborn Val'kyr, Syd the Squid, Zomstrok, Zao Calfling of Niuzao, and Blue Moth (because this was the first Blue Moth you could collect, before the moth invasion came, but i still love the way it looks).


Honorable mentions to (because of fond memories or just good battle pets);

Corefire Imp, Alarm-o-Bot, Black Lamb, Black Rat, Bleakwater Jelly, Blazing Cindercrawler, Molten Hatchling, Felspider, Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot, Cat (Black, Tabby, Calico & Siamese), Feline Familiar, Chaos Pup, Egbert, Elekk Plushie, Darkmoon Glowfly, Dust Bunny, Noblegarden Bunny, Giraffe Calf, Personal World Destroyer, Nether Faerie Dragon, Magical Crawdad, Pierre, Pterrordax Hatchling, Ravager Hatchling, Chrominius, Puddle Terror, Servant of Demidos, Scooter the Snail, Silithid Hatchling, Spirebound Crab (or any other RED crab), Stardust, Tiny Snowman, Twilight Fiendling, Venus, Untethered Wyrmling, Terky, Winter Reindeer, Winter's Little Helper, Willy, Voodoo Figurine, Warbot and Ashwing Moth.


Well, i noticed too late that there was a character limit to this text, so, this will do i gue

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