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Username: Callena  
Character: Callena (A)
Realm & Rank: Doomhammer-EU (#25)
Pets Collected: 799/876
Pets Rated: 0/901 — Appearance
0/882 — Battle
Joined: December 28, 2012
Last Online: 5 days ago
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Callena Says: 

Wow its been a while since I updated last!!


I have to give a HUGE shout out to my buddy Khuniya who has massively helped me with my pet collection, I now own several pets I never thought I'd get!!! 


We've been pet battling together too to level up pets - as I still need to defeat the celestial tournament. been failing as not quite enough max level pets to swap in.



What is still left...

- max lvl pvp battles 0/250 - I prefer collecting pets to pvp battling them lol

- working towards 75 lvl25s for Singing Cricket

- working towards 75 lvl10s for fun!

- levelling a goblin on Draenor in a guild with the Thundering Serpent Hatchling

+ non pet related... the Reins of the Raven Lord still not dropped!!!




Posted Apr 4, 2014 at 11:02am

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About Callena:

All pandaria raid pets! Special mention here to Khuniya for the elusive Viscous Horror!!!!  

Finished all old Quests for pets!


Been on the hunt to upgrade the pets I only have in poor / common, managed to find a few upgrades, only got a uncommon larva but got a rare spirit crab :)


Got my 100 blood coins for the Vengeful Porcupette, thanks to various people for letting me kill them when world pvp got too much!


Darkmoon eye finally!!

DONE Sumprush Rodent  (thanks Grellingham)

17/7 Pebble - thankyou to everyone who inv on CRZ to check for the quest!

30/6 Spirit of Summer :)

27/6 YAY Unborn Val'kyr!!!! FINALLY!

25/6 Qiraji Guardling which means World Safari COMPLETE!

22/6 Pygmy Direhorn & Frigid Frostling (TY Xinnara you rock!!)


15/6 Got my red carp!! Tonnes of fish in my bags now!  Thats the last of the fishing pets as I got toothy from the shattrath fishing a few days ago too.


RWL1 & 2 both complete, thanks to trades on here!


Picked up a couple of pets I didn't think I'd get cheaply in trade - Guardian cub & Gusting Grimoire. The cub is super cute!  I have 5 TCG pets now and 3 blizz store ones :)


1/5 Got my final 3 childrens week pets (legs, oracle hatchling & whiskers)


Got Air Spirit from the pandaren spirit dailies so that's a full set complete! Refused to buy it :)


Done all the event pets apart from the midsummer - not long to go for that though!


Got all 4 carp :) PLUS when fishing for the blue carp I finally got the sea turtle!


Brawlers guild - rank 4 - yay got my clockem!


COMPLETE Dino bones for spectral porcupette, and then 5.3 hit and I had to go get the direhorn runt so got enough bones for a 2nd lol

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