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Username: Callena  
Character: Callena (A)
Realm & Rank: Doomhammer-EU (#13)
Pets Collected: 905/934
Pets Rated: 4/963 — Appearance
4/943 — Battle
Joined: December 28, 2012
Last Online: June 03, 2018
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Forum Posts (64)
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Callena Says: 

After a break during WOD (thanks to getting RSI) I've been enjoying Legion and getting back into pet collecting & battling again!


Newest Pets: Seaborne Spore & Naxxy

Currently working on: Levelling monk & DK for class pets



- PVP battles 0/250 - I prefer collecting pets to pvp battling them lol

- RWL 5 - 2 to go!

- Fishing: Conjurer Margoss Rep - friendly, others need to start!

- Celestial Coins for last 2 pets

- PVP Prestige 7 pet - current lvl 2

- Family Fighter - 0/10

- Play some more HOTS for Graves - lvl 10

- Level alts for class pets - done shammy, druid & DH! Monk 108, DK 82, Rogue 1 :(

- Levelling pets to 25 - still a lot to go!  SQUIRT I NEED YOU!

- Lagan!



Posted Nov 7, 2017 at 5:04am

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About Callena:

Old school wow player here - been playing my druid since wow launched, rarely level alts (although legion has made me level more to get the class pets!). 


Been with my guild Gladius Dei since Burning Crusade when my guild at the time started joint raiding with them to do the 25man raids.  I moved to their guild at the start of wrath when the guild imploded.


I'm a (non hardcore) raider who enjoys collecting pets & working on random achievements :)


The pet I summon the most is the cinder kitty, one day majordomo staghelm in Firelands will give me the fire cat toy so I can once again run around with my pet :D


Joined warcraft pets some years ago to keep track of my collection and work out what pets I missed - and to trade pets with fellow collectors!


Currently working towards getting 900 pets, not far to go now!

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