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Username: Bosncsw Site MVP  
Character: Bosncsw (A)
Realm & Rank: Exodar-US (#13)
Connected Rank: Exodar-US (#33)
Pets Collected: 910/1111
Pets Rated: 7/1126 — Appearance
6/1106 — Battle
Joined: December 14, 2012
Last Online: September 06, 2017
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Bosncsw Says: 

598/600 Collected, still waiting on the little treasure goblin and maybe a wealthy uncle to pass away so I can pick up Murky. Problem is I don't have any wealthy uncles. 

All pets are rare quality and at level 25, have been picking up a few extras while focusing on breeds. Nothing major just grab and go as I come across them.

I have several direhorn runts, zandalari pets from farming the isle of giants for the raptor mounts. finally got them all :-P I also have had dandelion frolickers panda elementals or sunfur, mountain panda etc hit me up.

I am hopeful that Blizz will update the RAF pets and allow more of the unobtainable ones to become available. I'm still jelly over not being able to get onyxia's whelp or baby blizz bear.

Posted Feb 17, 2014 at 9:51am

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