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Username: BitBucket Site MVP  
Character: Tikkotna (H)
Realm & Rank: Kul Tiras-US (#9)
Connected Rank: Kul Tiras-US (#13)
Pets Collected: 1058/1279
Pets Rated: 10/1279 — Appearance
8/1256 — Battle
Joined: March 08, 2010
Last Online: 6 days ago
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Well, that's it.  At least one of every combat pets (levelable) I have are at level 25, a grand total of 716 of 729 pets.  A very satisfying moment, although I certainly still have to do Draenor pet battles to get my garrison achievement and soforth, so I'm not done yet, I'm just done with leveling.  Still 20 or so pets to collect although there are several going for hundreds or more dollars that are off the menu.  

Posted May 26, 2016 at 10:35am

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About BitBucket:

I live in Alaska.  It's cold and dark fairly often so indoor things are interesting for long stretches at a time, like gaming.


Started collecting pets back in Vanilla.  Untold hours farming red and green whelplings and others.  I'm down to mostly raid drops and TCG pets left on my list to obtain, with about 71% of my pets at max level and an average pet level of 21.7, I'm starting to feel like I can see the end to the leveling mountain.


The celestial pets are my favorites for appearance--the aura Blizz developed for them is just off the hook.  I do like the fel pup from Tanaan quite a bit too.


For leveling there's nobody like my man Dwayne the Anub Idol.

For pvp battles I like Xu Fu + Nexus whelpling + Iron Starlette.  If it flies--nexus.  If its a beast or critter, Xu-fu.  If I need to 1-shot, P/P starlette.  Some humainoid and mech teams are more of a challenge.  It's not unbeatable, but I can hang in there about 60-70% of the time which I'll take any day considering the randomness of opponents teams.

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