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Username: Bettiepage  
Character: Bettiepage (A)
Realm & Rank: Shandris-US (#74)
Pets Collected: 584/943
Pets Rated: 0/959 — Appearance
0/939 — Battle
Joined: October 01, 2013
Last Online: October 22, 2014
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Bettiepage Says: 

found it!!! lol im blonde:)

Posted Feb 1, 2014 at 1:34pm

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About Bettiepage:

HI guys! My main is Bettiepage on the Shandris server

When I started wow it was vanilla and my toon was a warrior on Staghelm Shaelinrae, since then I have moved around quite a bit and finaly found a good home on Shandris with my mage:)


I've been a pet guru ever since they took up space in your bank! I remember the day I had to make room in my bank... and I just couldn't delete any of my little friends!


When pet battles first came to be I remember not realy wanting to get started.. it just seemed a bit too silly and I couldn't seem to finish that first quest... once I got the hang of it.. it was bye bye raiding!!! I went full force and now am fighting to be the #1 on Shandris with the most unique pets, and only 50 points behind!  


Just wanted to say that if it wasn't for my boyfriend Misplaced-Shandris.. I would not even have been able to make it past the first faebled battle:) he helped me form my stradegy not only for them, but for the tournament:) (and has given me more than half the good pets I have)  I love you baby!! 



##Shout out to the folks on Maderan in Magical Menegerie who let me join them to get all my horde pets and my thundering serpent:)

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