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Username: Ashoke Top Rater  
Character: Ashoke (A)
Realm & Rank: Moon Guard-US (#18)
Connected Rank: Moon Guard-US (#18)
Pets Collected: 1187/1279
Pets Rated: 314/1279 — Appearance
300/1256 — Battle
Joined: January 10, 2013
Last Online: May 14, 2020
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Ashoke Says: 

183 more pets to get to 25 I'm not sure how you all do it but I've gotten my priest to 113 just on this pet weekend alone.

Posted Sep 22, 2018 at 4:14am

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About Ashoke:

I am never sure how to write these Bio pages really. 


My internet handle is Ashoke. More spesifically Ashoke Ironrayne on Moonguard-US. I have been a pet collector ever since my Friend Shizenkai who I've played wow with for over seven years now started collecting pets when it was painfully impractical to do so. I refer of course to the dark times when we did not learn the pets and have a seperate interface for them, no, I refer to when you had to sacrifice valuable invetory room to collect.


My first Rare pet was my Dark Whelpling the only one that truely never left my side at any point along with a Orange Tabby Cat named Milo (that I called him IC despite the fact that this was also before naming pets too.)


During Wrath when I was still on my old server Ash was given the remaining Whelplings for a wedding gift from her Soon to be Husband. And while her Wedding was declared unofficial: the Dragons remained in her care.


So long story short all my reasons for collecting are purely In Character and in Roleplay, that's part of the reason each and every pet that's blue or was gotten for an event has a name, with a few minor acceptions. Pebble, Moon Moon, Mr Bigglesworth, and Kovok amoung these. 


And now that I have caught a blue of every pet that can be caught in the game... I am looking forward to the ones to come with the next expantions!

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