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Username: Aithaliana  
Character: Aithaliana (A)
Realm & Rank: Das Syndikat-EU (#1)
Connected Rank: Das Syndikat-EU (#2)
Pets Collected: 312/1229
Pets Rated: 0/1279 — Appearance
0/1256 — Battle
Joined: August 29, 2011
Last Online: May 05, 2013
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Aithaliana Says: 

After several weeks of camping in Tanaris I finally logged into a sandstorm. First one ever seen in this zone. But no luck with the Silithid Hatchlings. Haven't seen a single one. Instead I was killed on sight and corpsecamped by two Hordeplayers.


Friend of mine actually once got so far to see a hatchling and get in combat but was killed by Hordeplayers while fighting. After that there were no more hatchlings but a lot more players ganking her.


Maybe I should create a toon on a pve-realm...

Posted Dec 10, 2012 at 8:47am

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About Aithaliana:

1. Time Played: 12/02/05 -> 08/10/06

Main: Lanfear

Favorite Pet: Dark Whelpling

Server: EU - Zirkel des Cenarius

Guild: Zirkel des Drachen (Guildleader)

Focus: RP & Open PvP at TM vs. SS


2. Time Played: 29/05/07 -> 14/01/10

Main: Aithaliana

Favorite Pet: Stinker

Server #1: EU - Das Syndikat

Guild: Die Vaganten | FHV | Disculum | Divinity

Server #2: EU - Wrathbringer

Guild: Anathema

Focus: RP & Raids

3. Time Played: 28/08/11 -> Active

Main: Aithaliana

Favorite Pet: Pebble

Server #1: EU - Wrathbringer

Focus: Raids

Guild: Die Erfolgsammler

Server #2: EU - Das Syndikat

Focus: Raids

Guild #1: <atra caedes>

Guild #2: <undefined>

Finally, after so many years I got my cute little ugly kodo. :D

"Why ugly?" you may ask?

Well my BF told everyone this little story, when they asked why I was so unlucky in getting this mount:


"You know, there is this place where all the kodos live. And everytime Aith rolled for it, a sign was popping up 'Aith won'. As soon as the Kodos saw theese sign they were all like 'Oh no, not her again'. Because she was complaining so much about not getting one, that they were afraid of her. And so they were pushing each other to the portal. And the tiniest of them - a cute and ugly little guy - was shoved forward, but everytime just before he stumbled through the portal, he dived away under it."


It seems he finally stumbled through :)

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