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Grabbed my Globe Yeti today. He's actually very easy to get so if you're having trouble go roll chars on various low pop RP or RPPVP servers. I tried this today and got the pet in less than half an hour. :)


In other news, my computer died this weekend so I'm currently having to use my BF's computer (minus all my addons and settings) for important stuff (like the Globe Yeti!) but can't play properly atm, which is highly frustrating as I need to work on that PvP!




Working on:

Grinding PvP 

Getting class mounts for alts

General achievements


Newest Pets:

Globe Yeti


Most Wanted List:

Fetish Shaman

Mini Tyrael

Posted: December 18, 2017 12:46:15 PM

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@Gaijin You're right in that Wowprogress is technically more accurate because it shows ALL the pet collectors on a realm but they do actually include connected realms as well and have done for ages. 

Posted: November 07, 2017 6:08:35 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

I hope everyone had fun at the meetup! I'd love to get to Blizzcon one day but being in the UK makes it a little bit trickier. 

Posted: November 04, 2017 6:32:29 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

You all do know that seeing just the collectors on one realm in your group isn't an accurate representation right? Blizzard considers connected realms to be one large realm in all ways but name. I may have been kicked out of top spot in my group too but at least I know that the list is now ACCURATE and I see it as motivation to keep collecting and get back to the top on my whole connected realm list . . . an achievement that will be MUCH more satisfying than just top on one realm.

Posted: November 01, 2017 10:31:58 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: -3

Fantastic change! This was definitely needed as connected realm groups function as a single realm in every way. I have guildies on all realms in our group and it was frustrating to have to check different realms and then figure out who ranks where. At the end of the day websites like Wowprogress treat connected realms as one so it was definitely time for WCP to do the same! 

Posted: October 31, 2017 8:34:43 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: -2

Well . . . I had "retired" myself from my guilds raid team last expac but I might have to "un-retire" myself now lol.



I know people complain about pets from different activities in the game . . . but surely it's only fair that people who enjoy these parts of the game can get their own special pets? There are now pets from literally every activity in game: raiding, pvp, archeology, fishing, achievements, classes, professions. I think it's a fantastic and fair system.

Posted: June 12, 2017 6:45:21 PM   |   Edits: 1   |   Rating: +1

I actually love all the class specific pets. It is so much more rewarding to have to work towards a pet than desperately hope you're lucky with rediculous RNG drops. Pick pocketing pets have me intrigued!

Posted: May 17, 2017 12:49:28 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

Love this change. I like working towards something that I know is guaranteed, if I put the effort in, and not reliant on RNG.

Posted: April 19, 2017 7:23:55 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: +1

Happy anniversary WarcraftPets! I love this site and community. A very big thank you to all the people who put in such hard work behind the scenes to make it all work. We really do appreciate it! :)

Posted: April 06, 2017 12:03:07 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

hahaha . . . Gluttony . . . that whelpling!

Posted: April 01, 2016 10:33:18 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0
Re: Blorp

I concur, fishing the pools is definately faster if you can do when the area is quiet or it's a low pop realm. The raft from Nat Pagle definately comes in handy here.

Posted: July 05, 2015 8:56:10 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0
Re: Lurky

This pet IS still available, as of November 2014! I added the code to my Battlenet account today and when I logged in BOTH the Netherwhelp and Lurky were waiting in my mailbox. It looks like they have finally fully automated it so no more having to post things to France.

Posted: November 30, 2014 6:20:36 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

After months of having an alt camped on my main server, I gave up and rolled a DK on a Spanish RPPVP realm, leveled to 58, and got her to Felwood. I ran her up to the minfernal place, thinking to camp her next to one of the spawn points . . . and there was already a minfernal up!! It was a common but I'm ecstatic anyway! (This was at approx midday)

Posted: February 22, 2013 8:16:21 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

Tol Barad - Rustberg Village is definately the place to go. After having no luck in STV I headed off there and found loads. The mobs are easy to kill at level 90 and there are a fair few rats about and they respawn pretty fast too. Got a rare on my second circut of the village.

Posted: February 15, 2013 7:27:56 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

This is quite possibly one of the hardest rares I've hunted so far. The tips about them being mostly in the gnoll camps is totally correct and that is where I eventually found a rare one (the camp near the FP). Got a very few as secondaries but they were all poor.

Posted: January 31, 2013 10:29:19 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

Went looking for these tonight and found one, just one, in Paoquan Hollow, nearish the wall. He was an uncommon so he'll do for now.

Posted: December 30, 2012 5:52:59 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

Giavana, I have noticed that too and it still hasn't been removed so I live in hope that there might be a similar pet available to us at some point.

Posted: December 16, 2012 11:52:34 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

Went there early evening and there were loads, at least 9 showing on my mini map at any one time. 3rd one I captured was a rare so they are out there. Good luck guys!

Posted: November 11, 2012 3:16:04 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

Took a swing by the Azureload Mine at about 2am local time and there were a couple of people running around killing every adult bear in sight. It seemed to do the trick though as a few respawned with cubs and I caught 2 commons before getting a rare. Good luck guys!

Posted: November 09, 2012 9:01:13 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: -1

When I went hunting for this I only found them as secondary battle pets. Eventually found a rare tag-teamed with a scorpion near Gadgetzan. Just to back up a previous comment, they did seem to be more commonly teamed with the sea gulls.

Posted: November 02, 2012 8:43:18 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0
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