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I hope they do more versions of this silithid pet in colors matching the new mounts.

Posted: December 06, 2017 2:56:38 AM   |   Edits: 1   |   Rating: +1

New silithid pet also now, looks based on the grinning reaver model.

Posted: December 05, 2017 9:46:57 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

Please updated frog models, unique ones not the panda style toad model, but an actual frog, they look very different. 2 words SLOTH pet! And unpdated marmot models, they look so sad being made of triangles. Those are my hopes anyway, also, it be really nice if they revisted older pets made them more unique, like the 107 moths and the 62 rats/squirrals. chipmonk needs a unique model, they are squirrals.

Posted: November 08, 2017 5:17:48 PM   |   Edits: 1   |   Rating: +2

Not sure if the drop rate is low, I got him my 1st time.

Posted: March 29, 2017 11:36:12 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

So this drops from the Legionfall Emmissary chest which you get from paragon rep. Hopefully the drop rate is higher then the one from Dreamers.

Posted: March 29, 2017 11:34:06 PM   |   Edits: 1   |   Rating: +8

Also remember that artifact knowledge is going up to 50 in 7.2, so, once you hit that with your main character, you can buy the catch up items for your alts. So catching up the traits will be less a grind than perceived. With just a few AP items you can catch up an artifact from 0 to the current max (not including maxxed paragon) in a very short time.

Posted: March 07, 2017 4:25:57 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

These grinds aren't that bad guys, there's much worse. But, a little relief, the pets (and other power ascended items) are now each 1000 resources instead of 10k, and I think a lot are forgetting about the catch-up mechanics coming in 7.2 that make these grinds hugely less daunting than they seem atm.

Posted: March 06, 2017 2:02:35 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: -1

I just got a PS from AH. I guess that breed is just a much lower chance. But, they do exist.

Posted: November 06, 2016 5:45:57 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: +2

@Top RaterKamira, 


There are clues in the pet journal for each one, but Quintessence figured it out here:

Posted: October 22, 2016 2:00:56 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: +1

Beginning to think this just a cruel joke and it'll never be obtainable. As others have investigated, doesn't seem to be related to March of the Tadpoles. The quest chain took all of 5mins to get a "wet rock".

Posted: October 19, 2016 6:18:54 AM   |   Edits: 1   |   Rating: +1

The corresponding mounts were originally listed as reputation rewards. But now, they are listed as a reward for quest "(type name) Reunion", ie "Sharptalon Reunion" etc.  Patch notes now say, raise falcosaur and get the mount of it.


See it on Wowhead:


If you missed the announcement, 7.1 drops 10/25 !

Posted: October 16, 2016 12:43:52 AM   |   Edits: 2   |   Rating: 0

Hope this works like the Moonkin like lots are saying. Update: I do believe we'll get both, it seems kind of glossed over, but over the picture, it says "World of Warcraft® – Legionnaire Murky & Knight-Captain Murky". Still hopefully, it will be better clarified. Also on the buy virtual ticket page, on the in-game goodies overview, it says you'll get the "pets".

Posted: September 15, 2016 11:06:50 PM   |   Edits: 3   |   Rating: +6

Got mine at 29.42. Its a small lake area, no hostile mobs around. Lucked out, 2 spawns were up after running around to different spots killing ambient critters, got a PP rare! I believe these guys can spawn anywhere around the water where bucktooth flappers spawn (speculation though).

Posted: September 10, 2016 5:33:35 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

Hey, WCP, this is not only a secondary pet, I forget where exactly in aszuna, but there were several of these as the primary. It was in a cove.

Posted: August 31, 2016 7:02:42 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: +1

Is there somewhere all the updated models are listed? I knew about the rabbits , squirrels and rats/mice, but not raven/crow, had not seen that mentioned before. Also remember hearing about sheep.

Posted: July 14, 2016 10:40:14 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

Remember the children's Warcraft book series is releasing in November, Blizzcon pets are typically themed. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a promo for the Travelers' series launch.

Posted: May 16, 2016 10:07:57 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

I used to think epic pets was cool, but as another poster said, its too late now. Epic pets would make previous tamers trivial, and throw a huge monkey wrench into pet pvp. They'd have to retool stats so much it might just end up back where it is. Rare is good enough. We need more content otherwise. A way to make wild battles and low level tamers much more relevant.

Posted: February 21, 2016 3:04:50 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: +3

I agree with you DeathEnder. I think its a very poor marketing ploy. As much as I'd like those pets 100 for 3 pets is absurd. I think this upsets the collecting community at large, promo items are fine when they are for use in the given product. I hope Blizzard heeds these comments, but they probably won't.

Posted: July 21, 2015 7:36:18 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

Any guild that has this unlocked and would be kind enough to take invites to obtain the pet should let us know, as the other guild has. Help your fellow collectors out

Posted: January 13, 2015 11:04:12 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

Anyone notice how this looks more spectral now? When did this change happen? He's now translucent with the eerie glowy stuff, not just a plain blue crab model anymore.

Posted: December 04, 2014 1:30:17 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0
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