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Does anyone know of a guild that has the Guild Serpent mount? I just cant find one, and Deal With It is still 1 raid short.


Things to do:

*Level my Alliance Mage (87) on Ravencrest to 90 and get Double Agent (Completed 05/12)

*Finish leveling my Horde Warrior (62) and Monk (22) to 90 and hope for a FoS for leveling every class to 90

*Level my DK (85) on Lightbringer to 90

*Get 3 more mounts for Mount Parade

(Completed 05/10)

*Level all my 600+ pets


Ongoing persuits:

* Finish For The Horde! (just need Stormwind)

*Make 1 90 a month

*Finish up rep for Vanilla (7), BC (3), and LK (1)



Pets: 517

Mounts: 207

90s: 10

Posted: May 15, 2013 10:40:58 PM

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