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Big thanks to Docrotten in teh Warcraftpets guild on Madoran for trading me an Emerald Whelp for my Darkmoon Tonk! Words can't express how much I dislike mindless farming so I really appreciate it.


Heads up there's a Giant Sewer Rat coming your way the next time we're both online.   ;)

Posted: November 27, 2012 2:58:02 AM

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I think it's worth noting that this little guy is not only adorable but also "huge" compared to most other pets!  He could be a mount for goblins or gnomes.


Found a couple wandering the northern section of Nagrand west of Garadar. One was trapped in a tree, poor little guy.  Had to use a keybound "Interact with Target" to get him out.

Posted: November 07, 2012 12:19:43 AM   |   Edits: 1   |   Rating: +2
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