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Got my Rare Flayer Youngling today! Yahoo! I'd only seen one until today. Happened to come across about four of them and one happened to be rare. Lucky day.

Posted: November 10, 2012 1:37:41 AM

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I could not believe this. Bought it in the Auction House for 200 gold. Not kidding. Don't know if someone messed up or what. But lucky me

Posted: March 31, 2013 2:32:40 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

Finally saw one of these guys for the first time today and as luck would have it,  it turned out to be rare. Yahoo!! Lucky me.

Posted: January 25, 2013 6:27:01 PM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: -3

Boy did I get lucky.  I had been camping the island for days and not once did it rain.  Today I decided to make a quick trip to the auction house, then went back to the island just as it started to rain.  About four battles in, got the rare. Yahoo!!!

For the record it was about 5:30 pacific time.

  Good luck

Posted: November 16, 2012 12:14:56 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: 0

I had only seen one of these guys until today. Came across about four and one was a Rare. Yahoo! Lucky me.

Posted: November 10, 2012 1:39:42 AM   |   Edits: 0   |   Rating: -1
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