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Just rediscovered Master Tamer Flummox. Nothing works. He kills (or Eats? lol) all the teams before they can do their abilities, including the "easy" strats, & stays mostly full health. I think he was my first taste of Legion last year, & I was thinking... Ok, no more pet battling for me, this just doesn't work.

I still may have to leave him off my pet portal achievement list, but I am so happy he's not even close to the normal situation!

Update: Got him. Mostly because RNG favored me, & he didn't backline damage my pets so much (for the first time). Plus, I gave up on an undead lineup (MM or Inf. Squir), & plugged in a fast Anklerender as a second. Still was all about the RNG, and holding my breath through the Ghastly Kid.

Posted: February 14, 2019 2:14:19 PM

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