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Crustaceans: WoW Battle Pets

Pets by Family Aquatic Crustaceans
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Emperor Crab

Pet Battle: [24-25] Dread Wastes

Frostshell Pincher

Pet Battle: [23-25] Frostfire Ridge

Ironclaw Scuttler

Pet Battle: [23-25] Frostfire Ridge

Kelp Scuttler

Pet Battle: [25] Talador

Magical Crawdad [Magical Crawdad Box]

Fishing: Fishing (430)

Zone: Terokkar Forest (Fishing Nodes)

Approximate Drop Rate: [Mr. Pinchy] 1 in 500 fished from Highland Mixed schools

Approximate Drop Rate: [Magical Crawdad Box] 1 in 5 (of 3 available)

Shore Crab

Pet Battle: [3-4] Westfall; [3-6] Azshara; [20-22] Howling Fjord; [20-22] Borean Tundra; [23-24] Twilight Highlands

Shore Crawler

Vendor: Matty (Goblins only)

Zone: Orgrimmar

Cost: 50silver (supply of 1)

Spineclaw Crab [Spineclaw Crab]

Drop: Monstrous Spineclaw [90]

Zone: Timeless Isle

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 58

Spirebound Crab

Pet Battle: [23-25] The Jade Forest

Strand Crawler [Strand Crawler]

Profession: Fishing

Quest reward: Bag of Fishing Treasures

Quest reward: Bag of Shiny Things

Zone: Northrend, Stormwind, Orgrimmar

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 100

TIP: When you browse pets by family, not all pets include an item. Those that do not are typically wild pets obtained through pet battling.
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