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User Profile Index

January 04, 2008
Index of Site Users
Users are now able to share their collections with the rest of the The User Profile Index provides a complete alphabetical directory of every WarcraftPets user. Additionally, listings can be sorted by collection size and online activity.

Visitors can also view special groupings of the "top" users—
check out the Top 50 Collections / MVPs!

UPDATE: The User Profile Index was retired, replaced with our Member Search. This new feature offers a much quicker way to find user profiles.
Posted by Breanni

Please Be Honest

January 08, 2008
A few users have been caught reporting false collection data for the sole purpose of rising to the top of the Top 50 Collections list. I'd like to remind all users that this is considered inappropriate conduct, as it goes against the User Guidelines. Offending users will be dealt with accordingly.
Posted by Breanni

MiniPet Addon

January 09, 2008
MiniPet Addon
It's the same old story—you love minipets but you're always forgetting to summon and resummon them, right? Well, never again! Carra's MiniPet Addon will remind you to summon a minipet upon entering the game and after any activity that causes you to lose your minipet, such as hearthing or using a taxi. Click the flashing button to summon any companion on your character at random!
Posted by Breanni

Original CE Pet Glitch

January 11, 2008
As a result of a glitch in patch 2.3.2, the gift voucher that enables characters to obtain the original CE Pets (Panda Cub, Mini Diablo, and Zergling) was mailed out to all characters on CE accounts in-error. Players who receive this item are unable to complete the quest a second time, receive a second pet, or send it to another player. However, characters that are transferred to CE accounts ARE able to obtain these pets! Click here for details.
Posted by Breanni

Derocketed Rocket Bots?

January 13, 2008
Derocketed Rocket Bots?
What's this? Clockwork Rocket Bots without rockets?! Sadly, it's true. Either an unintended bug (or an intended nerf) has rendered our little clockwork buddies rocketless. First their buffability was stripped (understandably so), but now they've become full-fledged pacifists. Yet, they still seem to target each other, giving us hope that this may be a bug.

Blogger Maxbliss share's his view on these "Peacenik Bots."
Posted by Breanni

Super-Sized Minipets!

January 19, 2008
Super-Sized Minipets
Tired of the same old pint-sized companions? Well, the new TCG expansion, Servants of the Betrayer, will contain "super common MMO loot cards", with an average of two such cards appearing in every box of boosters. The newest card of this type is Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit. Feed one to your minipet and watch it grow to roughly the size of a hunter's pet! AWESOME!smile

But there's a downside: the loot is actually a consumable (obtained as a stack of 50). My hope is that you'll be able to visit Landro Longshot for a refill whenever you run out, but my guess is that once you use your stack, it's gone forever.

Read the official Upper Deck Article for more.

UPDATE: I originally posted that this loot would be available to all characters on an account. This was incorrect—a couple of my sources had it wrong. My apologies.
Posted by Breanni

Get Mojo, <strike>Free and Easy</strike>

January 27, 2008
Free Mojo!
What was once a very rare pet is now one of the easiest pets to collect! Yes, the coveted Mojo is now easily obtained by doing a /kiss emote to an NPC outside of the Zul'Aman instance. Perhaps this was a hidden Easter egg all along, or this might possibly be a bug that's destined to be fixed in a future patch. So my advice to you serious collectors is to get this pet while the getting's good!

UPDATE: It appears as though the free and easy Mojos were, in fact, a bug. Furthermore, the bug has been hotfixed, restoring Mojo's rarity and uniqueness. Nethera, well-known WoW community moderator, confirmed that everyone who received a Mojo as a result of this bug will be able to keep him. (That makes me very happy, but I weep for all of those who missed the boat.sad)
Posted by Breanni

Love is in the Air

February 01, 2008
Kwee Q. Peddlefeet
It's that time of year again... love is in the air! (or at least it will be beginning on February 11.) And that means it's also time for all of you serious minipet collectors to get ready to begin farming for Peddlefeet, the tiny goblin cupid pet that only drops during this 6-day event.

Posted by Breanni

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