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Harping on carping

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Harping on carping

Postby Tekulve2012 » March 28th, 2013, 5:58 pm

I remember reading a few great posts here on where to best nab
The 4 tiny carps in pandaria from what I read the coastal open waters
and inland lakes were best

I read too that your fishing level needs to be over 700 in some cases

With the aero lures I have 735 skill(+ 30 pole and + 5 line )

Can someone give me advice on other skill boosts thanks
I have no carps yet I've tried for the green one outside the jade temple

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Re: Harping on carping

Postby Quintessence » March 28th, 2013, 6:28 pm

For info on fishing gear and what to use to boost my fishing skill, I went to El's Extreme Anglin' (equipment page). Lots of good information there!

When catching the carps, I used a +30 fishing pole, Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, Captain Rumsey's Lager, and some lures. There's also an item you can equip, use, and then unequip to get a small boost in fishing for 2 minutes.

Sidenote, 700+ fishing is not absolutely necessary and it's hard to confirm if having higher fishing actually does help or not. I've heard of cases where people with less than max fishing managed to catch the carp pets (from open water) without too much hassle. It's all up to each person to decide if they feel the fishing skill boosts are worth it or not. :)
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Re: Harping on carping

Postby Tekulve2012 » March 28th, 2013, 6:52 pm

Thanks for the feedback
I'd forgotten about the rum boost many fish ago

I've read posts where people have railed against fishing
I don't mind it in small doses and it helps that the fish can get you
Ironpaw tokens in mop or AH them for gold

It would have been nice for blizzard to make them tradeable though
Seems you have to do all aspects of the game now to have a completed
pet collection

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Re: Harping on carping

Postby Morlis » March 29th, 2013, 9:45 am

Something I did to try to minimize the grind feeling of just fishing for each carp was fish for the quest items needed by Nat Pagle Friendship. Those items being the Flying Tiger Gourami, Mimic Octopus, and Spinefish Alpha. El's is also a good site to see where these can be fished. So each day I tried for these and hoped that a carp would come in the process. I got two this way, white and green. I have since become best friends with Nat so I now have to go back to just grinding out the other two. Since 5.2 the quest items seem much more common too, I probably only fished an average of about 10 minutes for each one. Only 1 time in the last few weeks did one take more than 15 minutes.

Nat's faction was something I have wanted since early MOP, I now use his hat for my fishing lure, which is a 10 minute 150 buff. The chair is a nice toy but has no bonus to fishing which is a bummer.

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Re: Harping on carping

Postby Poutinette » March 29th, 2013, 10:02 am

I caught the green carp on a character with around 400 fishing with no fishing gear, not even a fishing pole in about 40 minutes of fishing.

I fished hours upon hours for the other carps on a character with 600 fishing, +30 fishing pole, the hat, plus fishing buff from the hat in fishing pools or simple water for the others and did not caught them...

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Re: Harping on carping

Postby Zerdolf » March 30th, 2013, 5:47 am

I've caught 3 of the 4 with my main toon that has 600 fishing. Didn't use any buffs at all, not even a pole. I just started going to the fish of the day places if it was in a zone I didn't have the carp from.


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