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Battle with that pet

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Re: Battle with that pet

Postby Regillixavatar » April 23rd, 2014, 9:11 am

Vek wrote:Regillixavatar time to bring out your Living Fluid.

The ooze family are definitely great PvP pets and this one has a great breed with P/S. Oddly enough with 289 speed this is one of the fastest pets that I use and I can't believe how many times that has saved him (from a guy that mostly uses undead/mechs).

I didn't want to box myself into Magic only moves since Mechanical are popular so instead chose Absorb, Acidic Goo, Evolution. Since I wanted to make this guy really, really hard to kill I paired him up with a fun moonlight team Celestial Dragon + Living Fluid + Son of Animus/Xu-Fu. If you are able to stack Acidic Goo with Evolution in Moonlight he'll heal for 300-400 each turn and that Magic racial means that you cannot take him down without a good plan (or a dragonkin move >_<)

These two teams performed really well overall and are definitely good response to AOE teams with Offensive healing abilities. I occasionally ran into matchup problems because the Celestial Dragon is the only one that can really fight Mechanical pets and its biggest attack is weak against them. The place where the Living Fluid really shined was against Humanoid enemies, especially the Anubisath Idol...Evolution + a few absorbs would leave them at 20% HP and me at full. The worst place for him was definitely against Mechanical Pandaren Dragonlings since they cut off the HP line with Decoy and can quickly Breath him to pieces.

Vek, we only saw one aquatic on the last page so I want to see what you can do with a Tundra Penguin!

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Re: Battle with that pet

Postby Celya » April 29th, 2014, 1:02 pm

Vek wrote:Celya how about having some fun with the Feline Familiar?

I've had very little time for pet battles lately, but that instruction just spoke to me and I literally just ran with it all week. I used the Feline Familiar in all my teams, and went for the "themed and or fun" teams instead of the "this should just be a faceroll win" teams.

The Familiar is a Beast, P/B breed with quite high power (322) and above average speed (289) at the expense of below average health (1221). First slot is Onyx Bite (85% hit chance) vs Pounce (extra attack if pet goes first). Second Slot is Stoneskin vs Call Darkness. Third slot is Devour vs Prowl. That's a nice moveset, with a lot of options to choose from.

My first team was a witch team: Familiar (Pounce/Call Darkness/Prowl), matched up with Enchanted Broom (Batter/Sweep/Windup) and Crow (Alpha Strike/Call Darkness/Nocturnal Strike). This team won a lot, partly I think because the pets are individually strong. I tried Pounce first, being worried about the reduced accuracy from Darkness, but liked Onyx Bite better since I saw a lot of faster than 289 speed pets that night.

Second team went all feline: Familiar (Onyx Bite/Stoneskin/Prowl) with Mr Bigglesworth (Pounce/Frost Nova/Ice Tomb) and Fluxfire Feline (Claw/Flux/Prowl). Still won more than I lost, some of the matches very close. The lack of avoidance in this team was a big problem in most fights.

Third team tried to be a bit more effective with a Moonlight/lot of magic pets concept: Familiar (Onyx Bite/Stoneskin/Devour) combined with Sprite Darter Hatchling/Moon Moon/Harmonious Porcupette/Jade Oozeling/Twilight Fiendling. Not a lot of people are prepared to face magic pets, so that led to a lot of fun fights (win and lose).

Some highlights: had the shield from Stoneskin up during Sandstorm and took very little damage from the Idol's weak main attack. Used Prowl while a Clockwork Gnome was building a turret and then crit for two thirds of the gnome's health on the next turn (plus stoneskin mostly negated the damage from the turrets). Took out a Darkness Bird with two bites (I don't remember if it was a Crow/Gilnean Raven/Dread Hatchling). Prowl + Call Darkness or Prowl + Onyx Bite hits really hard.

1221 health and no damage mitigation moves means he dies really quickly, so you have to plan where to use him well. Excellent against pets that need to die fast, eg Jademist Dancer, but not for long.

All in all, fun pet. Will definitely use him again.

Regillixavatar, the Jademist Dancer hardly ever sees pvp battles on my meta except as part of the infamous Clonedancer strategy. Think you can come up with valid ways to use him without adding Cyclone to the mix?

EDIT: I almost forgot a very important bit of information: when you're on your flying mount, the Familiar gets up on his own little broomstick and flies behind you. That has nothing to do with its pet battle abilities, but it's a lovely small detail.
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Re: Battle with that pet

Postby Awq » April 29th, 2014, 8:41 pm

I am assigned the Shale Hatchling. I own multiple, but the ones I would battle with are Topaz Shale Hatchling, Tiny Shale Hatchling and the Emerald Shale Hatchling. They all share the same move set, but they come in different breeds.
I could choose my Tiny Shale Hatchling because I am attached to this version due to sentimental reasons, although its breed does not look ideal. I could choose my H/H version of the Topaz Shale Hatchling, it has the second most survivability. I could choose my P/P version of the Emerald Shale Hatchling, because it has the highest power.
Amethyst Shale Hatchling P/P & Emerald Shale Hatchling H/H could possibly be better for certain roles! I sadly do not own these versions of the pets.

The Shale Hatchling has three movesets that interest me. 1. Burn, Sticky Web, Shell Shield. 2. Leech Life, Sticky Web, Shell Shield 3. Burn, Poison Spit, Stone Rush. These three move sets play very differently from each other.
1. Burn + Shell Shield is supposed to counter pets with multi hit attacks. It can do damage, keep enemies in a match-up, while reducing their effectiveness. It should counter a wide range of pets (multi hitters+mechanicals mainly). I would choose a H/H breed for this move set.
2. The Leech Life set has the exact same role as Burn+Stoneskin, but sacrifices damage for healing. I consider this move set less versatile for PvP. I assume that the type of pets who are countered by this, are also countered when I choose Burn+Stoneskin. I will not play it.
3. Burn + Stonerush comes with one asset, great damage. I would choose a P/P breed for this move set. A P/P Shale Hatchling can do 1600 damage in 3 turns. You can put a lot of pressure on the pet that you want to remove from the match. It might allow me to control the pace of the battle. It should be useful in most match-ups. It however is suicidal.

The pets move sets are very different from each other. On one hand you have a defensive pet that can function as tank, my H/H Shale Topaz Hatchling. One the other hand I have a very offensive, although suicidal, Emerald Shale Hatchling. It might be the same pet, but it will feel completely different. I will try both pets/move sets.

Qiraji Guardling, Topaz Shale Hatchling, Spectral Porcupette

For this team I chose 3 pets with Shields. Qiraji Guardling with Sandstorm. Spectral Porcupette with Spirit Spikes. Shale Hatchling with Stoneskin. These pets cover each other weaknesses. Spectral Pocupette does Magic+Undead damage. Qiraji Guardling does Flying+Humanoid damage. Shale Hatchling does Elemental+Beast damage. Qiraji is good versus dragons, something Spectral Porcupette is weak against. Spectral Porcupette does reasonable damage against undead, something the Qiraji is weak against. Shale Hatchling is good against mechanicals, which take lesser damage from the Porcupette. Shale Hatchling si protected by the Qiraji's Sandstorm. The coverage is not perfect, but it is a start for a team!
All three pets have one thing in common: Shields. This is a team build around different types of Shield users. All 3 pets provide some utility other than their shields.
I wonder how it will go!

W Blighthawk, Dread Hatchling, Total Hare Pup; L Anubisath Idol, Anubisath Idol, Crawling Claw; W Celestial Dragon, Clockwork Rocket Bot, Wild Golden Hatchling; W Death Adder Hatchling, Death Adder Hatchling, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling; W Unborn Val'Kyr, Curious Wolvar Pup, Electrified Razortooth; L Stunted Direhorn, Jademist Dancer, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling; W Lil Bling, Dread Hatchling, Lil Ragnaros; W Death Adder hatchling, Death adder Hatchling, Death Adder Hatchling; L Unborn Val'Kyr, Death Adder hatchling, Death Adder Hatchling
My opponents were quite similar. I was planning to do more matches, to get a better feel of this teams strength. Sadly the queues died.

I started with my Qiraji versus the Blighthawk. The Qiraji is the ideal opener against every single pet versus this team. I stunned + sandstorm, and I switched to my spectral porcupette. The blighthawk would allow me to increase my speed and do effective damage with powerball. He swapped in the Dread hatchling. It did its rotation and killed itself on my Spectral Spikes. My Spectral Porcupette died too. This isnt bad. This sacrifice gives me the better match-up in endgame.So I swapped in my Qiraji Guardling again, he used his blighthawk. I stunned + Sandstorm. I swapped in my Shale Spider. He had to sacrifice his rabbit on me to get undead vs humanoid. His rabbit did not do damage because of Stoneskin+Sandstorm versus its flurry. I could web it down. He realised this and swapped in his blighthawk. My Shale Spider killed his Blighthawk and he left. Bunny vs Qiraji is a free win for me.

He sent in his Unborn Val'Kyr and I used my Qiraji Guardling. I used Stun + Sandstorm to set the weather. I switched in my porcupette to fight his Unborn. The Porcupette is good at countering both Haunt & Curse of Doom. I used powerball waiting for the Haunt to come. He did not Haunt. I wasted my Spectral Shield, because I misread his spec. The Porcupette took out the Val'Kyr. I assumed that he was Ascension spec by now, so I arranged it to kill my Porcupette the same round I activated my undead racial. I would now cast shield in preparation of the Bleed that was to come. I swapped in my Qiraji on the round of Blood in the Water. It missed. I knew that I had won. I let the Qiraji kill his E lectrified Razortooth. I swapped out the second his Wolvar Pup came in, so that my cool downs would be available again. He used Maul which still hurts even when hitting once. I got the Pup quite low. My Qiraji could clean up.

I started with my Qiraji versus his Jademist Dancer. I set up a stun + sandstorm + crush. He used Geyser. I switched in to my porcupette, to shield the stun, and because it takes lower damage. My Porcupette left his Jademist alive with literally 1 hp. He then used his dragon. I let the Qiraji take care of it. The stunted Direhorn scares me, it counters my qiraji and is strong versus my other pets. I hoped that the Stunted Direhorn would be somewhat equal against my Shale Hatchling. This wasn't the case. I switched the Shale Hatchling in, but the gamble did not pay off. I had an unlucky miss, which did not help. The Direhorn killed my three pets. I should have slowly played it out, then I would have won.

This team did okay. It is not versatile sadly. All my three pets counter opponents in the same way, with a Shield. This team does not provide a wide variety. I chose this team because I would have liked to play Qiraji+Shale Spider when Sandstorm was 10 rounds, with a working Elemental racial. I never bothered with it, because the duration of Sandstorm got reduced to 5 rounds. I still wanted to see if the team would work. The duration of Sandstorm+Shield is too short when Sandstorm is 5 rounds. There is almost no synergy between Qiraji+Shale Spider anymore, I would not put them in the same team. The team was still decent, it did counter teams with multi-attacks and it did hold its own against difficult match-ups.

The Shale Hatchling was decent with this move set. It has a Shield and it has a lot of Health. This is a dangerous combination that counters many pets. I can quite recommend this pet with these abilities. It's role is quite limited, it provides a shield and it can soak stuff AND is Elemental. Having a pet with this role can create quite an advantage.
Sadly for the Shale Hatchling there are lots of pets with high HP and shields, pets that are better in the exact same role. I would definately use this pet again if my team needed an elemental with such a move set. The pet is not great imo, but it definitely is a decent pet!

Emerald Shale Hatchling, Yu'La, Emperor Crab

W Celestial Dragon, Clockwork Rocket Bot, Wild Golden Hatchling; w Unborn Val'Kyr, Bonkers, Kovok; W Death Adder Hatchling x2, Mech Pandaren Dragonling; W Darkmoon Rabbit, Infested bear Cub, Spineclaw Crab; W Ash Spiderling, Father's Little Helper, Death talon Whelpguard; L Alterac Brewpup, Unborn Val'Kyr, Murkalot; W Unborn Val'Kyr, Death Adder Hatchling, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling; L Kovok, Spineclaw Crab, Dread Hatchling; W Clawling Claw, Unborn Val'Kyr, Creepy Crate; W Clockwork Gnome, Fossilized Hatchling, Scourged Whelpling; L Unborn Val'Kyr, Death Adder Hatchling, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling; L Rotten Little Helper, Tiny Snowman, Something; W Unborn Val'Kyr, Pandaren Water Spirit, Stitched Pup; W Anubisath idol, Clockwork Gnome, Emerald Proto-Whelp

For this team I used Stonerush. The idea of this team was to provide a wide coverage with some synergy between these pets. Yu'La could be used for swaps. Emerald Shale Hatchling provided the burst. Emperor Crab could be used for defense.
Yu'La can buff the other 2 when needed.

The Shale Hatchling is quite unique. There aren't a lot of pets that do 1600 damage in 3 turns. It is a good match-up against most pets, especially those that do not have defenses. I used the Shale Hatchling to take out the pet that my other 2 pets weren't likely to handle. I used it when I needed burst. It was a very useful pet!
It does not have any defenses and it actually hurts itself. It feels suicidal. I would not recommend swapping it in, especially without Celestial Blessing active.
The Shale Hatchling benefits from Celestial Blessing. Celestial Blessing provided advantages. The self damage from Stonerush became lower, but this was a secondary benefit. It does 1600 damage in 3 turns, Celestial Blessing is 3 turns. This allowed the Shale Hatchling to stay alive long enough to do serious damage to an enemy team. Survivability in combination with damage is a good combination.

I am glad that I was assigned this pet.
Burn+Stoneskin was decent. It counters quite a few pets with lower hits. There are other pets that perform the same role, possibly better, considering the meta game. I might occasionally use this Shale Hatchling though. I will definately go back to it, if the meta includes very strong multihitting mechanicals.
Burn+Stonerush was good. It managed to provide good damage. Its power and threat allowed for favorable matchups. I like having burst pets on somewhat defensive teams. I will definately use a P/P Shale Hatchling more often, even without Celestial Blessing.

Ceyla. You asked for more Dragonkin. I would like you to try the Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling. You own one, but it is green, low level and possibly a non-optimal breed. If you do not want to use a stone on it, or want to level it, I would recommend the Direhorn Runt (ideally Pygmy Direhorn) with its Shield!

Please assign me any BoE, or wild pet.

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Re: Battle with that pet

Postby Vek » May 4th, 2014, 11:42 am

At last. Tundra Penguin, strongest and healthiest of the three available Penguins. The penguins usually does quite well, but even more so when undead are so popular. Only true danger is the birds. Usually I cringe when I see a speed of 244(there are a couple of exceptions) but Tundra Penguin comes with Surge(priority move) or Peck so there is no real contest for the first slot. Being able to go first is a huge tactical advantage especially when you are as slow as 244. Next nice thing about the Penguins is that they got nice synergy between the second and third ability slots. Slippery Ice can be truly annoying, 20% hit rebuff, but it chills the current active pet which makes third slot Ice Lance hit twice. One annoying thing about Slippery Ice is that you can't switch out of it like you can with the Kun-Lai Runt chill. Finally Frost Spit really isn't a choice I think and if you want to gamble with Belly Slide 50% hit(and huge damage of course) then you really should get a partner with Blizzard so that Belly Slide also becomes a priority move.

So lets try some luck first. Rotten Little helper and the perfect companion in Tiny Snowman(since it is strong vs birds and also does not get affected by Darkness if you happen to come across those birds). This team was pretty good, but having two Blizzard casters was a bit overkill, I think I would have gotten better use of the Rotten Little Helpers minefield presents instead of a second Blizzard. When lady luck smiles on you you will destroy your opponent quickly. Belly Slide hits very hard, and going first was very useful. But 50% hit rate was a bit too random for my taste and it can really screw you. Perhaps a little piggie with Luck can help, but that is a lot of switches.

After some fights I started running with Slippery Ice and Ice Lance instead, I also switched partners since I didn't need Blizzard anymore so I tried out a couple of different silly combinations. This combination does very good damage, and you can always switch to Surge in a tight spot. Especially Mechanicals go down quickly. Sadly this is also a bit random dependant, you really need for that 20% debuff to matter, with 244 speed you will be taking damage first so if you are out of luck you won't have much defence. Even missed Surge myself twice during Darkness while my opponent of course didn't miss anything with a 30% total hit reduction, sigh.

Penguins are a quite nice aquatic to run, but not my favourite ones. 244 speed still feels slow to me, but I know others out there don't care about that at all.

Awq can you find some use of a "plain" Lizard not the Scalded Basilisk Hatchling or Warpstalker Hatchling)? There are a lot of breeds to chose from so I leave that up to you.

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Re: Battle with that pet

Postby Celya » May 9th, 2014, 2:08 pm

Awq wrote: Ceyla. You asked for more Dragonkin. I would like you to try the Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling. You own one, but it is green, low level and possibly a non-optimal breed. If you do not want to use a stone on it, or want to level it, I would recommend the Direhorn Runt (ideally Pygmy Direhorn) with its Shield!

I did own a non-optimal B/B breed, but I also had a dragonkin stone lying around and a long forgotten level 5 blood elf alt parked near Silvermoon City, so it wasn't hard get to hold of a better one. The hard part was trying to decide between the 357 speed and the 322 speed breeds: 322 is slower than, say, a DAH which I still see a lot of, but on the other hand faster than most other pets I encounter, and too much speed is essentially a wasted stat ... I ended up stoning the S/S one, since I don't have that many very fast pets already. All that extra speed now means a meagre 1319 HP and a measly 244 power, though.

Ability-wise this is essentially a Conflagrate pet: I don't think anyone ever will seriously consider Rake as the other option in the second slot, if I'm wrong, please feel free to explain. :D Really convenient is your choice of abilities in the third slot that cause the burning effect needed for Conflagrate: Flamethrower, so your opponent can't simply swap out of the Conflagrate, or Flame Breath, which leaves a DoT on the pet in the backline if he does swap out. In the first slot you have your basic choice of spam abilities: Claw, 90%hit beast damage, or Quills, 1-3 attacks flying damage. They work out to roughly the same total (if Claw doesn't miss, and Quills hits three times). Shortly: I've tried both options in first and third slots, and either way works.

What's the catch? Conflagrate on the S/S Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling hits for 396+132 elemental damage for a 4round CD. Compare that to my H/P Fel Flame or P/S Ominous Flame or P/S Pandaren Fire Spirit, all of which hit for 463+154 damage. Or the P/P Harbinger of Flame, which hits for a whopping 517+172 damage.

I ran several teams with this pet, most of them trying to find ways to increase the damage of Conflagrate.

Fire team: Dragonhawk/Fel Flame/Crimson Shale Hatchling. Won some, mostly due to one opponent that kept swapping at the wrong times.

Lightning teams: Dragonhawk/Wild Golden Hatchling/Dragonbone Hatchling. Dragonhawk/Tiny Twister/Lil Bling. Both teams did pretty well, but in both of them the Dragonhawk was a bit of a dead weight.

DoT teams: Dragonhawk/Squirrel/Cogblade Raptor. Dragonhawk/Blighted Squirrel/Zandalari Kneebiter. These teams did less well.

"Buff Conflagrate" teams: Dragonhawk/Unborn Valkyr (using Unholy Ascension) /Emperor Crab. Dragonhawk/Kovok (using Dark Claw)/Spirit Crab. Here he performed best when I wanted to sacrifice him to save my other pets. The dragonkin racial helps, of course, but was never impressive.

After that I gave up on planned teams and started just throwing him into random groups. Doing so, finally found a real niche for him: sweeper pet. He is really fast, meaning he'll likely go first when two pets are facing off. And the little bit of extra damage from either his DoTs or his Conflagrate can make a win/lose difference.

But ultimately, that's the only way I found to really use him. Not great, not hopeless, and possibly I will now experiment with the other dragonhawk hatchlings to see if I can find one that suits me better.

Vek, I've been leveling pets with Cyclone to replace my Blighthawk, because, sometimes, its fun to mess around with an already overpowered strategy. Along the way I discovered a Dragonbone Hatchling and a Tiny Twister, both pets I use in other teams now, and I'm leveling a White Tickbird Hatchling which is similar to a Dragonbone Hatchling ability-wise, but has slightly different stats. You have several pets with that moveset already, pick any one and give it a shot in the pvp battlefields. (To be clear: In the Pets by Family section, under Birds of Prey, any except Ji-kun Hatchling, Dread Hatchling and Brilliant Kaliri).

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Re: Battle with that pet

Postby Vek » May 9th, 2014, 6:00 pm

Birds of Prey. Lots of different birds to chose from and a lot of different breeds as well. The P/P Dragonbone Hatchling was one of the first pets I ever got to 25 when starting out and it served me really well in those dark days but it never really grew on me in PvP. The P/P Imperial Eagle Chick was for a long time one of my go to pets when I finally did dare do some PvP. This little bird comes in alot of breeds so it might take some time to get the breed you want. I really liked the P/P breed with it's rare 341 power and still a decent 260 speed, making it faster than alot of popular pets at the time. I used this Scalded Basilisk Hatchling, Imperial Eagle Chick, Blighthawk team, that covered alot of bases. The Eagle was mostly there to handle super speedy rabbits and to do some quick damamge before being sacrificed and eaten by the Blighthawk. When the Jademist Dancer appeared I often ran a clonedancer with the Eagle with its powerful cyclone. One downfall of this powerful bird is that it only has 1319 health so it is a bit squishy and loses it's racial after a couple of hits.

Lately I have more often started to go with the H/H Fledgling Buzzard when looking for a bird to play with. The impressive 1806 health ensures that it will survive in backline through serous AoE and still be a threat. It is mostly used as a counter to Death Adder Hatchlings. The low 244 speed is still fast enough with the Flying racial to be faster than the S/S Death Adder, being a bird it will only take weak hits from the adder so the 1806 health will take a long time to bring down. Even after losing the racial you can just use Adrenaline Rush to be speedy once again. The medium 260 power is not much of a problem since you will last more turns.

But these are all pets im already familiar with. Lets try another breed to see what that can do. First I wanted to stay away from the obvious Clonedancer, and secondly no frigging Hawk Eye ever again. Also Cyclone would still be useful to remove decoys so if I got a fast bird I will chose that, and if I used a slower bird I would probably use Adrenaline Rush instead. Which bird to chose then. The kind of creepy Jouster birds are pretty interesting. Blue Jouster is healthy while still being slightly above avarage speed. Gold Jouster got a solid 1400 health, 305 power and 273 speed. White Tickbird Hatchling is the way to go if you ever feel you need more speed, it's slowest breeds have 322(!) speed. I really didn't want to go there, since all that speed comes at the price of lesser health and power, and it's not often that I have though to myself "damn I wish this bird was faster", especially since Adrenaline Rush is readily available. White Tickbird Hatchling seems like a more well rounded bird but still with a speed focus.

Lets see what the Blue Mini Jouster can do. Thrash, might make it worthless against birds but I never have any luck with Slicing Winds, Adrenaline Rush and Lift-Off. I just went with what I had in the journal already so the partners became Rascal-Bot, love this little guy not only because I'm a fan of Fringe/Star Trek/Lost but because it's pretty sweet battle pet too. And a S/S Bonkers that I had to try out now that I just got it yesterday.

First fight was against Fossilized Hatchling, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling and Death Adder Hatchling. Sigh... was it going to be one of those nights. I took a bet that the Fossilized Hatchling would go first and put Rascal-Bot in and it paid off. After I put Amber on the Hatchling I made another bet that paid off, I hoped my opponent would switch to the Dragonling and it did while I had switched to Bonkers instead. Probably the best match-up for me against this anoying pet. Most of the time Dragonlings will want to get two AoE attacks in and while it did succeed in this Bonkers took it out without too much damage in return. Fossilized Hatchling was back in, knowing Bonestorm would be next I stayed in to try and do some damage with Bonkers instead of dying in back row. I got a lucky stun but this time my opponent didn't switch, instead it got a second Bonestorm in on the turn Bonkers killed it. Bonkers died to this Bonestorm. Now my Rascal-Bot had about 200 health plus mechanical racial, while my Blue Jouster had about 700 health. If I had Ambered the Hatchling on the undead turn the unscatched Death Adder would have had no problem with killing the robot with no damage in return, so I sacrificed the Bot with Armageddon taking a nice 500 health chunk out of the DAH in back row. A bit more even now. 700 health Blue Jouster against 800 health DAH(it had gained extra health from the Fossilized Hatchling). I had lost the racial so was slower. I got poisoned and used Adrenaline Rush, avoided Puncture Wound with a Lift-Off. The Lift-Off hit while I got another Poison. Had my opponent blinded me there I would probably have lost, but now it was game over and I thrashed the DAH and survived the poison tick with about 50 health to spare. Sweet. Now make like a tree and get out of here.

Next up was Scourged Whelpling, Gilnean Raven and a Crow. Rascal-Bot was a safe bet to start with, it faced the Scourged Whelpling. I Ambered the whelpling and thought to get some bonus damage but my opponent switched to the Raven and got a nice phaser coming in(hits for over 500 on birds). Now the Raven used Nevermore(!), I don't think I have ever seen that used before, tried it once myself but didn't really work out. I hit with the Phaser again but now I could not use the Phaser for 5 turns, nice play, meaning I had no spammable attack at all on the Rascal-Bot. I switched to Bonkers and took out the bird with a hit. Scourged Whelpling came back in, I decided that Bonkers would do what it could. Didn't work out all that great, a Darkness crit and a miss and Bonkers met his end a bit prematurely. Blue Mini Jouster came in to try and end the scourge. I got it down, but was down to 600 health myself. I used Lift-Off on the undead racial turn, setting up nicely for the faster Crow. Crow passed while the Lift-Off did some damage. If I was lucky I could do a bit more damage before biting the dust, but the Nocturnal Strike critted, oh well. Rascal-Bot vs a Crow that had just blown its huge hit. Now I was lucky, Phaser crit twice in a row, thats around hits for 800 a shot. Game over. Now if my opponent had used the Raven for last with Nevermore, that could have been interesting...

Blue Mini Jouster preformed quite alright. I guess alot of these birds are pretty alright, but they are not obvious powerhouses.

Celya can you make the Pandaren Water Sprit useful in PvP?

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Re: Battle with that pet

Postby Tekulve2012 » May 13th, 2014, 9:58 am

You folks seem to need some new blood ... in comes Tekulve !

I have a solid stable of nearly 450 lvl 25 pets for you to choose from guys and I have a lot of pet pvp interest and experience ...(which doesn't mean I'm that good ..just experienced).

Vek- you asked for a pet we havent seen... well why not a pet that has' Vek-sed' (vexed) many of us ...grrrr...all that camping !!!~ the MiniFernal of course!
= a complete listing pets that have already been tested

Aqua- Bucktooth Flapper / Tideskipper / Emerald Turtle / Tundra Penguin / Carp ? / Water Waveling / Spawn of Gnathus / Wanderer's Festival Hatchling / Mr Chilly / Gulp Froglet

Mechanical- Clock'em / Deweaponized M.Companion / Landros lil xt / Rabid Nut 5000 / Flusfire Feline / Cogblade Raptor / Rascal Bot / Lil Smoky / Blackfuse Bombling / Anodized RoboCub

Dragonoid - Untamed Hatchling / Spawn of Onyxia / Wild Crimson Hatchling / Silver DHawk Hatchling

Undead - Senjin Fetish / Spirit Crab / Restless Shadeling / Spirit Crab / Lost of Lordaeron

Critter - Alpine Hare / Gazelle Fawn / Squirrel / Wolpertinger / Giraffe Calf / Porcupette / Borean Marmot / Red Cricket / Darkmoon Rabbit / MrWiggles / Zao / Black Lamb / Fire beetle / Perky Pug

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Re: Battle with that pet

Postby Vek » May 13th, 2014, 10:17 am

Very welcome Tekulve2012. You can give me a pet to play with and your first mission is to see if the Sea Pony is good at anything other than offing the sunflower and turnip from the four winds trainer.

Edit: Wow Tekulve2012! You really did the work there! I will add it to the first post. Thanks!
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Re: Battle with that pet

Postby Tekulve2012 » May 13th, 2014, 11:25 am

Pet added for Vek ~ the MiniFernal (i think you have 2 breeds) check out the list above of tested pets

List edited for errors ..almost complete and mostly correct.. Feel free to offer ommisions and errors missed

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Re: Battle with that pet

Postby Vek » May 14th, 2014, 2:21 am

So the little hair-pulling Minfernal. This little freak comes in alot of breeds which is a bit of a problem since it can be hard to get a hold of even a single one. This means you are often happy with just finding the pet and when you try battling with a suboptimal breed you feel it underperforms. For this reason I had, a while back, gone out and managed to grab a P/P breed. To me this one felt much more powerful than my first B/B breed.

I have fought many battles with the Minfernal after getting the P/P breed and I feel it is a solid pet. I run it with Crush(yes 80% is damn annoying but it hits hard), Extra Plating and Meteor Strike(a magic Lift-Off). This makes the pet very tanky and it even got avoidance with the Lift-Off so you can avoid delayed attacks easily. Even Dragons, which usually eats up magic pets, will fear the Minfernal. Crush easily hits for over 700, not to mention when you crit. Dragons will go down in 2-3 hits depending on their health.

One thing I like to do is when facing a Val'kyr is to put the Minfernal first. Two Crushes will take alot of health(if they hit ofc) from the Val'kyr and on turn 3 you cast Extra Plating and then use Meteor Strike to avoid the Curse of Doom, that is pretty sweet and many wont see it coming since Minfernal is not that much used. Also I have often run into people not really knowing about the magic racial, probably since magic pets are not that commonly used. For example I have had countless Ion Cannons and Howl + Surge of Power do very little damage comparatively. But once your opponents catches on it won't happen that often, still fun when it does.

I think 260 speed of the P/P breed might be a bit slow sometimes. Perhaps the P/S breed can have even more use of the Meteor Strike, but going from 325 to 289 in power is actually quite a difference.

All in all I feel that with the right breed the Minfernal is a solid and underused pet. Just watch out for that damn Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, that one will truly eat you up.

I already assigned Tekulve the Sea Pony.

Some "interesting" statistics from this thread:
No of pets reported per family.
Aquatic - 10
Beast - 17
Critter - 14
Dragonkin - 7
Elemental - 17
Flying - 11
Humanoid - 8
Magic - 18
Mechanical - 11
Undead - 4

Not sure if it tells us something, other than perhaps what families we feel are underrepresented in PvP.

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Re: Battle with that pet

Postby Tekulve2012 » May 14th, 2014, 8:41 am

So I wanted to add a public thank you to Vek especially and to Wayne Brady and others who have post detailed pet battle comments for many pets on this site. When I look up stats and attacks for pets here, I always check to see what insights these people might have shared in the comments section.

The Sea Pony
Your Fisher's delight has solid,serviceable stats at 1481 / 276 / 276 and comes in one breed only. It has some tools in it's repertoire with a weather changer, a clear objects from the board and some healing. It can boost aquatic attacks by 25% as well so the temptation to add a 2nd aquatic is there. It's most potent attack is pump which is great because after setting the pump you can release it even after back-rowing the Pony.I plan to test this pet in 2 runs..partly to allow re-consideration for potential comps. I completed my 1st run with it and it contributed well in my wins and losses.

1) Came up against Unborn Valk- S/S DAH and ChiChi trio was SeaPony / Emporer Crab(p/p) and Swamp Croaker
I purposely picked the Swamp Croaker to hurt undead and to bubble protect the Pony for a round to set up Pump. Unfortunately, my opponent (wisely) left the Valk till the end and chipped away at my weaker slower pets with Death adder and ChiChi (which as a flyer, ate my team up) In this match the Sea Pony used Cleansing Rain to boost the E.Crab's surge but Chi Chi was too fast and strong to handle ... loss1-not close ..full health Valk unused!

2) Seapony- Emp.Crab and Swamp Croaker vs Darkmoon Glowfly-(s/s) Flayer Youngling and Sporeling Sprout
So in this match, my lack of speed hurt me again. The glowfly has pretty weak attacks and the flayer was beaten down by the Emporer Crab so in the end it was 1 on one Swamp croaker vs Sporeling Sprout and the Croaker was too weak vs ele. since I had strong vs undead attacks chosen for the croaker. The Sea Pony performed well vs the (flier) glowfly.. I rate it a B+ for this battle....close loss2

3) Seapony -Emp.Crab-Mech.Pand.Dragonling(for speed) vs Moonkin Hatchling - Jademist Dancer-Blossoming Ancient
This matchup had promise. My opponent had less speed and the SeaPony could blast elementals. My opponent started with the Dancer and the Seapony got cleansing rain and a Pump attack in which 1 shot the Dancer! The Moonkin was using it's stun after that to block attacks and the Bl.Ancient was pumping its HP with Photosynthesis. I let the Pony die to get the Moonkin Hatch down, figuring the Crab could handle the Ancient. I was right...though it took a mind bending 74 rounds thanks to the Ancient's 2200+ HP and healing ..Win 1

4) S.Pony-Emp.Crab-Mech.Pand.Dragonling vs Team Tank= Unborn Valk/Anub.Idol/(s/s)Gilnean Raven
So here I was up against 2 weather changers and 1 of them a flyer. the SeaPony proved valuable to change the weather but didnt do much dmg . The Idol had deflection and sandstorm but was eaten up by the Crab. His Raven finished off the Crab and my SeaPony (though the Raven did get Pumped down to 200hp). The MPDragon. was a decent match for the U.Valk but the Valk lasted 1 round longer ..Breath was weak and might have been the difference... Close... loss 3

5) SeaPony-Emp.Crab-MPDragonling vs Pygmy Direhorn-MPDragonling-Thundering SerpentHatchling
I knew I'd need quick power here to try to end it early but my opp. started with the Direhorn and got lucky with stuns so by the time his serpent hit with cyclones my hp was pretty low all around...the Pygmy's speed debuff,stuns and hid speedy MPD all added up to another loss. I attribute it to some bad rng but even in the best case scenario it would have been tough to come out with a win here imo. .. decently close ..loss4

So despite losses, the sea pony did ok. I was expecting to face Lil Rags and sweep other objects off the field like the Wolvar pups trap but saw none of that this time around. Aquatics have a rotten racial atm ..just limiting DOT which is not that popular in pvp in my experience ..they are generally not that speedy either.. in my 2nd test run I will try to remedy the speed problem and see how the Pony operates


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