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Thoughts on the new 5.4 pets

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Re: Thoughts on the new 5.4 pets

Postby Jerebear » November 5th, 2013, 11:39 pm

The Macabre Marionette (2,1,1) absolutely destroys the first two pets on Shademaster Kiryn:

Round 1: Death and Decay
Round 2: Dead Man's Party
Round 3: Dead Man's Party
Round 4: Dead Man's Party
Round 5: Bone Bite (Nairn heals)
Round 6: Bone Bite (Nairn dies)
Round 7: Dead Man's Party (Storoem casts Lightning Storm, Macabre Marionette dies)
Round 8: Dead Man's Party (Storoem builds Turret, Macabre Marionette undead round)

At this point, Storoem has less than 300 HP usually. I follow up with Terrible turnip to cast Sunlight (cancels lightning storm) and Tidal Wave (kills turrets) until Storoem dies. Then I swap in my mechanical for Summer. This time around I used rascal bot, since his stun will totally cancel out any prowls (I also use the heal ability immediately after the first stun to get back to full health) and he can just whittle Summer down. Honestly, any mech you like will do here.

I haven't tried to optimize that yet, but it is a pretty solid strategy using the Marionette. I am curious to see how he does with Taran Zhu.
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Re: Thoughts on the new 5.4 pets

Postby Luciandk » November 7th, 2013, 5:46 am

Ive made a critically important observation regarding Murkalot. His Blessed Hammer ability is actually a multihit attack, always delivering its damage in 3 packets, and thusly being severely hindered by shield moves. But which should thusly benefit a lot from an enemy debuff like Wild Magic

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Re: Thoughts on the new 5.4 pets

Postby Luciandk » November 8th, 2013, 12:59 pm

Right now Righteous Inspiration completely and utterly overshadows Falling Murloc, and I honestly wouldnt be suprised to see it nerfed.

But Falling Murloc is a pretty nice damaging ability, and with the knowledge that Blessed Hammer is a 3hit ability. He combos well with Lil' Tarecosa. She starts with Arcane Storm, followed by Wild Magic. Swap to Murkalot, open with Falling Murloc and spam Blessed Hammer.

A Chibi Knight and his Chibi Dragon, how appropiately cute. Any pet with Mana Surge would probably make a fine third pet.

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Re: Thoughts on the new 5.4 pets

Postby Elfuego » November 11th, 2013, 12:03 am

Acid rain from the Jademist dancer is just awsome, especialy if you know its going to die and can work it into a hige finisher liek ion cannon, I use him alot in my new videos for the tournament


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