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What is your preffered pet breed?

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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What is your preffered pet breed?

Postby Tempestnight » June 25th, 2013, 10:05 pm

I have been an avid WoW pet collector for many years and a gung-ho battler with MoP. But it was only today (literally today) that Itook any real notice of the breeds and their meanings for the pets.

I'm not a good theory crafter or (or even close :oops: ) but from my little looking and experimenting i think my preferred breeds so far are H/P and P/S.

I understand there are of-course better breeds for certain strats or activities but whats your favorite breed and why? :?:

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Re: What is your preffered pet breed?

Postby Jadax » June 25th, 2013, 10:35 pm

As you said: Whichever suits the strategy.

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Re: What is your preffered pet breed?

Postby Tahsfenz » June 25th, 2013, 10:59 pm

Jadax wrote:As you said: Whichever suits the strategy.

This. Some pets also perform better as a certain breed, but each will have a purpose, especially in PvP.

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Re: What is your preffered pet breed?

Postby Gromagrim » June 26th, 2013, 5:08 am

Not every pet is available in every breed, so this limits the options.

Next I look at the pet's abilities, do they have a stun? (e.g. Kick, Clobber), a switch? (e.g. Death Grip, Nether Portal) or a block? (e.g. Decoy, Cocoon Strike). These beneift most from going first by denying the enemy a turn.

Do they have an attack that relies on going first (e.g. Flank) or last (e.g. Tail Swipe).

Do they have an attack which ignores speed (e.g. Surge, Trihorn Charge).

These will all dictate whether speed is the most important stat. I then check which speeds are available to the rare pet at level 25. Taking 276 as an average, I see if the pet can reach 289, or more importantly 300+. This may mean I choose a S/S or P/S breed. (for Tail Swipe, Surge etc. going last is actually preferable, so I acctively AVOID speed for these).

Otherwise, I'll be looking to use a P/P breed - These pets not only hit hardest, but also heal heaviest and DoT best. If I can't get P/P, I'll look for P/S (if the speed will be 289+) or H/P. At a push I'll take P/B.

H/H is useful in a few circumstances, mainly for pets with a % heal - e.g. Humanoid racial or Wish.

Note that some pets only come in B/B or other sub-optimal breeds. This may be because the pet has a very powerful moveset and the developers are limiting the pet in this way - don't always be put off by it.

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Re: What is your preffered pet breed?

Postby Lolfixheal » June 26th, 2013, 9:13 am

I like PPs best.

Pure health breeds mostly only have a bit more health, not enough for a big hit, only mediocre at best. Getting more health just ensures you - might - last one round more. Speed is a funny stat, either its wasted points if you want to go 2nd or good if you want to go first but you will need just 1 more speed stat than your opponent, any more speed is wasted aswell. It just seems power is the most reliable stat, you can't get enough of it. Also looking at damage/accuracy ratios, with more power you could get more reliable attacks. Not that theres many cases, but in theory.

But in any case, moveset+racial, tweak the possible breed to the pet, individual judgement.

Pocket Reaver and Personal World Destroyer has almost same moveset. PWD is singlebreed HP, the Pocket Reaver can reach 341ATK as PP, quite powerful with the Supercharge and a Metal Fist to the face. If I chose Pocket Reaver HP I'll get a copy of the PWD, what use is that?

That's why I hate and love breeds, such a time consumption but when done right, quite powerful pets can emerge.

In a PvE aspect you will know your opponents speed and can tweak the speed on your pet accordingly and get the stats used in either health or power and still be fastest/slowest depending on what you want. In PvP aspect you have a hunch of whats popular to use right now but you can't know for certain what you're going to meet, what breeds they have. Everyone wants to go first in PvP to control the fight so people stack speed like madmen and hope they have the highest speed stat.

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Re: What is your preffered pet breed?

Postby Phopaw » June 26th, 2013, 10:20 am

I use a variety of pets... Right now just leveling the highest rare in the journal to 25 and then going to the next one without much regard to much other than rarity.

My favorite pets have always been the mechanicals and dragons though. I try to make sure to catch them the best one of these that I can within a reasonable period of time. Have never been good at sitting in one place for long and farming, so 30 minutes is the limit I give on catching them.

Oops.. Breed not family. I don't really understand the breed idea and haven't paid much attention to it yet. Probably get it drilled into my head if I start the PvP battles though.

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Re: What is your preffered pet breed?

Postby Kariannrus » May 14th, 2014, 4:57 pm

I know this an old forum however I myself noticed the whole breed thing after I installed an addon and it has :shock: OPENED MY EYES! Not all pets are great p/p or s/s or w'e. For example a pet that an "extra hit if goes first" important to have speed, a pet that has stun important to have speed.

I use the (S/S) Flayer Youngling, he does "kick" if it goes first you stun your opponent useless if he isn't, at (S/S) he is 325 so that's up there on speed, flyers are usually faster and those encounters suck. I got 2 other rares before it, released both because I wanted (P/P) and I was NOT going to waste a stone on something so easy to find. It took me about 7 visits, I found 2, then I decided to get on a diff server and I took me 1 visit, 5 Younglings to find my (S/S).

Another good time when speed is important is if you have a pet that can do "Dodge" if he goes first it actually is 2 rounds and not 1 though it says "for 1 round". It counts for that casted round and the next, which is LAME if you are up against but good if it's you using it.

Of course (P/P) is great for pets that can heal for a nice amount. I don't know about dot heals though, if I'd be worth it. I LOVE MY EMERALD PROTO-DRAKE :D

If you like to pvp pet battles it is important to have the right breed, but not essential, it can be the determining factor in a loss or victory really. Get an addon so you can see what breed you have before you go around wasting gold in the AH or precious battle stones. GL and have fun =)

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Re: What is your preffered pet breed?

Postby Simmias » May 15th, 2014, 10:47 pm

Tahsfenz wrote:
Jadax wrote:As you said: Whichever suits the strategy.

This. Some pets also perform better as a certain breed, but each will have a purpose, especially in PvP.

Blackfuse bombling P/P breed imo, is the best one for pvp battles. The hp/hp one is just too weak.

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Re: What is your preffered pet breed?

Postby Jerebear » May 16th, 2014, 4:40 pm

Simmias wrote:Blackfuse bombling P/P breed imo, is the best one for pvp battles. The hp/hp one is just too weak.

Though H/H is really great for explode teams in PvE. I relish every Ti'un explode kill I get! I also use him against Socks (Sully) in the CT. A good explode kill followed by a pet that can stun keeps Unholy Ascension from kicking in.
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