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Pet leveling strategies for Legin WQ (incomplete)

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Pet leveling strategies for Legin WQ (incomplete)

Postby Suavitatia » November 26th, 2016, 9:43 pm

Here are some of my strategies for Legion pet battle world quests, with a focus on pet leveling, instead of Family Familiar. Since I'm only starting recently, they are far from being complete or thoroughly tested. Any suggestion is more than welcome.

Fight Night: Amalia

1. Iron Starlette (P/P) - Wind-Up, Powerball, Explode
2. Any pet that can kill elemental fast enough and dodge Inferno Herding. I tested both
1) Pandaren Water Spirit - Water Jet, Dive, Whirlpool
2) Hydraling with Tail Slap and Shell Armor
3. Carry pet with more than 176 health (or more if it's elemental). It will take two rounds of AoE damage.

Wind-Up > Powerball twice > Wind-Up to kill Foof.
Powerball > Wind-Up > Wind-Up. We need one Wind-Up to hit in order to kill Stumpers. It is safe to wait and hit after its dodge buff expires.
Explode > switch to carry pet > switch to Pandaren Water Spirit > Whirlpool > Dive. Done. Or
Explode > switch to carry pet > switch to Hydraling > Shell Armor on the Inferno Herding turn > Tail Slap several times to finish the game.

Fight Night: Bodhi Sunwayver - Dalaran

1. Yellow Moth (P/P) - Alpha Strike, Cocoon Strike, Moth Dust
2. Servant of Demidos - Magic Sword, Cleam-Up, Soulrush
3. Carry pet

Moth Dust > Alpha Strike > Cocoon Strike > Alpha Strike to finish Itchy.
Switch to Servant of Demidos, Clean-Up > Magic Sword > Soulrush until Salty Bird dies.
Keep using Magic Sword until Servant Demidos dies (but don't kill Grommet! keep in mind that Sword has high chance to crit). Switch to carry pet, then switch to Yellow Moth to finish Grommet.

Fight Night: Fight Night: Sir Galveston - Dalaran (I'm yet to come up with a more consistent strategy)

1. Bone Serpent (S/S) - Bone Barrage, Call Darkness, Nocturnal Strike
2. Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen - Spirit Claw, Moonfire, Prowl
3. Carry Pet

Bone Barrage on Murkeston, then switch to Xu-Fu. Prowl > Moonfire to kill Coach.
Xu-Fu should die after two rounds of Spirit Claw on the Greatest Foe. Switch to Bone Serpent, use Call Darkness so the dragon doesn't heal as much (that's why I use S/S Bone Serpent). Bone Barrage into Nocturnal Strike should finish the Greatest Foe.
Bone Serpent can easily finish Sir Murkeston, but it's a bit harder to ensure the kill happens on the last round of undead racial (so carry pet gets exp). That's still bothering me.

Fight Night: Tiffany Nelson

1. Iron Starlette (P/P) - Wind-Up, Powerball, Explode
2. Servant of Demidos - Magic Sword, Cleam-Up, Soulrush
3. Carry Pet

Wind-Up twice, then switch to Servant of Demidos. Kill Jinx.
Soulrush > Clean-Up > Magic Sword a couple of times to kill Rocket. Keep using Magic Sword until it dies.
Switch to Starlette, Wind-Up or Powerball to bring Marshmallow below 560, then Explode.

Dazed and Confused and Adorable - Azsuna

2. Fossilized Hatchling - Bone Bite, Death and Decay, and yet another BONESTORM
3. Carry pet

Start with Boneshard, use BONESTORM on the first, the third, then the second slot.
As Boneshard dies, switch to Fossilized Hatchling, use Bonestorm, then keep biting to kill Allured and Confused.
Use Death and Decay as Subjugated leaps in his first round. Keep passing until the last round of undead racial of the Hatchling, bite so the Hatchling and Subjugated die at the same turn.

Durian Strongfruit - Val'Sharah

1. Eternal Strider (P/S) - Water Jet, Cleansing Rain, Pump
2. Chrominius - Bite, Howl, Surge of Power
3. Carry Pet

Pump > Rain > Pump > Pump > Water Jet to kill Sunny.
Water Jet > Pump to kill Roots. Beaky will Lift-Off as it enters and kill Eternal Strider.
Switch to carry pet, then switch to Chrominius. Howl > Surge of Power to finish Beaky.

Dealing with Satyrs - Val'Sharah

The following strategy takes over 30 turns. It works, nonetheless.

1. Enchanted Broom - Batter, Sweep, Wind-Up
2. Shimmershell Snail/Mudshell Conch (H/P) - Absorb, Shell Shield, Dive
3. Carry Pet

Enchanted Broom is the only pet that can force opponent's highest health pet into the battlefield. Sweep in the first turn and we'll be facing Nightmare Sprout, whose Consume Corpse becomes useless.
Switch to Snail > Shell Shield > Absorb > Dive, then keep absorbing until Sprout dies. Remember to refresh Shell Shield when it's about to expire.
The imp will immolate, provided that it doesn't have the buff. With the buff, it will use Nether Gate if not on CD, and Burn otherwise. Switch to Broom on the Nether Gate turns to keep Snail in battle. With Absorb and Shell Shield, Snail can grind Imp down and recover a lot of hp.
With Snaill(close to full health) and half hp Broom, it's not difficult to kill Globs. What I did was letting Snail bring Globs down below 280 hp, pass until Snail dies, switch to carry pet, switch to Broom, and then kill Globs. It's definitely not the cleanest way to do it.

Only Pets Can Prevent Forest Fires

1. Eternal Strider (P/S) - Water Jet, Cleansing Rain, Pump
2. Pandaren Water Spirit - Water Jet, Dive, Whirlpool
3. Carry Pet

Pump > Rain > Pump to kill Crackling Flame.
Pump twice and Eternal Strider dies. Switch to Water Spirit, use Water Jet to finish Devouring Blaze.
Switch to carry pet, then switch back. Whirlpool > Water Jet > Dive should be able to kill Living Coals.

Rocko Needs a Shave - Highmountain

This one rewards very little pet exp. Here is a fast way (four turns instead of ten) to do it.

1. Any pet with Sunlight
2. Any pet with Explode
3. Any pet with Explode

Sunlight > switch to Explode pet > Explode > repeat the last two step.

Tiny Poacher, Tiny Animals - Highmountain

1. Emperor Crab (P/P) - Snap, Healing Wave, Shell Shield
2. Sinister Squashling - Poison Lash, Stun Seed, Leech Seed
3. Carry pet

Shell Shield > Healing Wave > Snap until Shell Shield is about to expire. Shell Shield > Healing Wave again (pass if transformed), then snap until Gulp dies.
Snap Egcellent twice, then switch to Squashling (Egcellent will Feign Death this turn).
Stun Seed > Poison Lash > Leech Seed > Poison Lash. Red Wire will be stunned and switched to backline. There it will die from DoT, so we avoid Armageddon.
Poison Seed, then pass until Squashling dies. Switch to carry pet, then switch to Crab. A snap should finish Egcellent.

Oh, Ominitron - Stormheim

1. Unborn Val'kyr - Shadow Slash, Curse of Doom, Haunt
2. Netherspace Abyssal (H/H because that's the only one I have) - Immolate, Explode, Nether Gate
3.600+ hp carry pet

Curse of Doom > Shadow Slash > Haunt. Switch to Abyssal.
Use Nether Gate when Magmatron is up, otherwise use Immolate. Explode if it's going to die.
Switch to Unborn Val'kyr, Use Shadow Slash to finish the game. Remember to kill the last pet on the undead racial turn.

My Beasts's Bidding - Stormheim

1. Pet Bombling - Batter, Minefield, Explode
2. Iron Starlette (H/H) - Wind-Up, Powerball, Explode
3. Carry pet.

Minefield > Batter until Thrugtusk dies. Batter > Explode to kill Wumpas.
Switch to carry pet, pass for a turn (to get stunned), then switch to Starlette. Wind-Up twice and Explode (or Wind-Up > Supercharge > Wind-Up) should do the job.

All Pets Go to Heaven - Stormheim

1. Rabbit (H/S) - Flurry, Dodge, Burrow
2. Black Lamb (H/P) - Chew, Comeback, Stampede
3. Carry Pet

Dodge to avoid Curse of Doom and Call Darkness, Flurry until the Harbinger of Dark dies.
As Rabbit dies, switch to carry pet, then switch to Black Lamb. Chew > Stampede > whatever should easily take the second harbinger down.
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Re: Pet leveling strategies for Legin WQ (incomplete)

Postby Boblebad » November 28th, 2016, 12:21 pm

Beast of Burden - Highmountain.

As long as you don't complete both fights, they are repeatable.
I suggest fighting Andurs.

1. Carry Pet
2. Iron Starlette 1,2,1
3. Any Pet

1. Start the fight with Carry Pet, any level
2. Attack once
3. Switch to Starlette
4. Wind-Up
5. Supercharge
6. Wind-Up again (Starlette usually dies here)
Failsafe Triggers and Mini Musken casts Wish, followed by Niuzao's Charge
7. Wind-Up
8. Wind-Up

Only using the Safari Hat, I got 1500-1600 XP from the first fight, then 2k from the two next battles.

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Re: Pet leveling strategies for Legin WQ (incomplete)

Postby Dngnb8 » November 28th, 2016, 6:41 pm

80% of pet battles have a pet that is OP for the game. Example, Splint Jr. Anub's idol can solo.

In these cases, the 2 pet Explode strat is the best leveling tool in the game.

Use the OP pet until the final opponent is at 600 health and let your OP pet die. In comes your Explode pet, use explode and the final remaining pet gets all XP without even being in battle. I use Darkmoon Zepplin, missile, explode, decoy.

I can level a pet from 1 to 25, once a day against the Warlords in Draenor using this feature. Don't forget your Safari Hat!!!!

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