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Grinding for Rare Crabs is Making Me Crabby

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Re: Grinding for Rare Crabs is Making Me Crabby

Postby Abashera » October 24th, 2013, 11:36 pm

I'll probably just wait till the next patch comes out so I can decimate them crabs and pull three or four at a time.

I tried farming them for a little while. Killed about five and said "OoooooKeeeeeey, I've had enough of this!" :P Maybe when I'm bored, or have all my other pets leveled.
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Re: Grinding for Rare Crabs is Making Me Crabby

Postby Nagini » October 25th, 2013, 2:32 am

Me and three friends on my server have been farming crabs on and off for days, spread out to catch as many rare spawns as possible. Our longest time whitout a single sighting was one spectaculary dissapointing day of 9 hours of four people farming crabs in pretty much all the locations, and not seeing a single spawn. we have seen about 30-40ish crabs total now, and helped two of our casual members to pets, though the hardcore group hasn't seen a drop. There have been a few on the AH, so the friends who don't care about the achievement cracked long ago and bought it when it shows up there.

at this point, we've had every single crabrelated pun, we practically have a theme song for ourselfs, and we spend most of our time together wondering why we are killing crabs again. Moral of the story: you're not the only one suffering out there! keep at it!
(at this point, i'm convinced this and the death adder hatchling will be the last ones i'll need for the achieve *sigh*)

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Re: Grinding for Rare Crabs is Making Me Crabby

Postby Ril » October 25th, 2013, 2:49 am

if you want to grind it for yourself, consider adding people who play high pop realms on battlenet, so you can get yourself invited there. i'm certain that lots of people would love being invited to lowpop realms in return as they tend to have better chances on rares and such.
i did a similar thing for the vengeful porcupette as i am on a pve realm (the one thing i'm really unhappy about).


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