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(US) WTS Pet Leveling Service

Arrange pet trades on US and Oceanic servers.
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(US) WTS Pet Leveling Service

Postby Nataliana » November 27th, 2013, 12:53 am

Hello fellow pet collectors!

I managed to get myself addicted to pets this year, and find myself lacking the funds to purchase those harder-to-get pets mocking me from the auction house. So, like any good entrepreneur, I found a niche occupied by no one else on the two servers I currently frequent. I will level any cageable pet, very quickly, for a very low price. For the most part, I've just posted an advertisement in trade chat, and provided service to whoever responds. Someone suggest I post here, in the forums, to appeal to a more interested customer base.

So here we go - any pet you can trade to me, I will level to 25. If I am online and not raiding (I raid on Weds and Sat night), I will get your pet back to you in 30 minutes or less, or mail it COD, whichever you prefer. I'm only charging 750g per pet. If you are chasing achievements and want a pet leveled to something lower, that can be done as well. I am wiling to negotiate a discount for multiple pets done at the same time. If I happen to have the same breed and quality of the pet you are looking to level, a straight up trade is also available (see my collection, or just ask).

My main leveling toon is alliance on Moonrunner, with another possible leveler as alliance on Emerald Dream (pvp server, prefer not to level with the chance of getting ganked, but I'll still do it). I have a bank toon as horde on Mal'Ganis as well. I am open to creating a character to take payment on another high population server with a solid economy. I am also willing to take rare quality pets as payment that would be comparable in price. I'll try to work with everyone that is interested.

Contact by friending me using battle tag - Kenisaz#1563.

Thanks for the time and interest!
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